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6  louise39 posted on Dec 30, 2006
A great series. I loe the early Spike-"Moments like these, he felt an immense clarity. Bloodlust and the urge to destruction had nothing to do with who he was anymore. The creature who'd lived for all that seemed to have passed off somewhere. He was a man now—again?—at last?—who had his heart's desire and knew better than to take it for granted." A wonderful moment in time.

5  debbicles posted on May 19, 2006
Lovely. Thanks so much
4  ~ Lynne C. ~ posted on Mar 27, 2006 |
I just laughed and laughed at this:

I wanna knock up the Slayer, I'm gonna do it, aren't I?

Very, VERY nice work -- the whole series!
3  Tasha posted on May 29, 2005
I loved the bit where Spike took Jem to POKER. It was so funny. This was a great story, just like all the others (duh!)
2  M posted on Jun 1, 2004
I found this fic by accident, just browsing around, looking for a good read...and hey! I found one....very readable, and new story ideas to enjoy! Good writing!
Best, M
1  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 21, 2003
I just wanted to tell you that Spike bringing Jemmy to one of his poker games and showing her off has been one of my favorites scenes in any fanfic for a while now. The dialogue is so great, and fun; it always makes me smile.

I especially love the demon who doesn't understand why Spike's not going to eat her, Clem being *Clem*, and Spike's love and protectiveness of her shining through it all. Just lovely.

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