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12  Nadia posted on Apr 20, 2007
Wow. Really good job of capturing what Spike is all about. Thanks so much! Keep writing!
11  gazebo posted on Mar 14, 2004
This is SOOOOO Spike! This is really him inside his head! Worth reading over and over again!
10  Spuffy4evr posted on Sep 17, 2003
I Love it. Spike is written perfectly, and I can't wait for the nect chapter.
9  Andrea posted on Aug 23, 2003
I like these pieces, and your writing style. I hope you will consider writing more pieces like these, perhaps for some of the other episodes from season 7.
8  Dezdemona posted on Aug 23, 2003
Insightful, evocative, and completely believable. I love the way you capture the complexity of Spike's emotions, and the ever-present sadness and effort that seemed to characterize him over this period. I also loved the moment of clarity and understanding upon which you chose to conclude. Beautiful work. Thanks very much for sharing it.
7  Kimberly posted on Aug 21, 2003
I enjoyed reading your post-ep musings. The characterization was very good - these are undoutedly Spike's thoughts. I really liked how you ended the First Date piece.
6  Patti posted on Aug 20, 2003
Very nicely done
5  Estepheia posted on Aug 20, 2003 |
"He has begun to learn that there are worse things than living in doubt. When you know the answers, there's no such thing as hope."
Nice. I like the melancholy mood.
4  mhairiayn posted on Aug 19, 2003
Yes so enjoyed writing of these episodes from Spikes pov. Please continue with the series your writing is impressive.
3  Christie posted on Aug 19, 2003
I like this series very much -- the stream of consciousness quality appeals, your writing is so sure and artful, and some of the phraseology is just...perfect.

I intend to seek out more of your work!

2  Nan Dibble posted on Aug 19, 2003 |
Sepia-toned, elusive, evocative, with a heavy weight of implicit sadness. You pick up here on the little things, do a small embellishment, and then it all fades away. A sure touch.
1  Rashaka posted on Aug 19, 2003
Very nice. Reminding me again about how much I loved season 7, especially the end of Showtime and all of First Date.

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