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7  lissie posted on Jan 25, 2006
oh my GOD i loved that! especially the very last summer! whoa you should totally finsish it to where he meets up with buffy again!
6  KissRocks posted on Oct 4, 2003
A very beautiful peice. It cleverli illustrates the dramatic changes in Spike's character that only seem subtle and almost unnoticeable in the continuing plotlines of the show. A very interesting and compelling peice of fiction.
5  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
All of these are such perfect little capsules of those moments in the summer we never got to see. I can definitely see all of these happening. I loved how dark you were willing to go in the first one and loved the bittersweet sadness of the Spike & Dawn one after Buffy's death.
4  whipper posted on Aug 23, 2003 |
what could i possibly say that haven't already been said? :) loved it and am on my way to your website.
3  BuffyX posted on Aug 13, 2003 |
This was beautiful-- very introspective and insightful. Was surprised at how poignant and pitiful the first meeting with Harmony was. Also loved the Bronze summer too. Very nicely done!
2  Cyn posted on Aug 12, 2003
What a beautiful piece of work. I didn't want it to end. I hope we'll be seeing more from you soon.
1  Fallowdoe posted on Aug 12, 2003
Aboslutely gorgeous. Creative and introspective. All those good things. I must now go recommend it to all my friends. Thank you!

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