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5  Nawayonki posted on Aug 24, 2008
I just like the dual feelings Wesley has for Spike. Wes needs him to be kept together but doesn't like the way he does it. It's just gorgeous...
4  Andrea posted on May 17, 2004
This is just lovely —so poignant. You've captured Wes' mindset so well.
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Oh, this hurts so good. Love Spike comforting Wes in so many ways. With just *being* there in the beginning, the sex, helping him after the nightmare, etc. And the image of Wes letting the key slip out of his hand is something that stays with you.
2  amy posted on Aug 17, 2003
Just love Spike/Wes stories. This one is no exception. You have brought the true darkness of Wesley's thoughts to life...and Spike is the comforter. *sigh* Great story.
1  Mona posted on Aug 14, 2003 | you know where
Loved this-- never been very interested in Spike/Wes, but you make it hurt in all the right places.

Throwing it would be overkill. This way it just... slips away.

Poignant and achingly sad.

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