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4  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 22, 2003
I liked this a lot. I loved seeing the consequences of what Angel did for Connor. Wesley's obsession with finding the missing pieces, his need to feel guilt, and the sudden false memories of having a past relationship with Spike. Great stuff.
3  Trisha posted on Sep 6, 2003
I love this story. I don't watch AtS but I've read enough of it in fic to get by. I wasn't confused at all. This part was my favorite: "In the sun, late at night, on his lunch break, in the dawn glimmer: It does not matter, at any moment Wes is liable to be slammed off-guard.
Knocked to the ground, thrown against a wall, slit from sternum to testicles, all with a glance or the memory of a glance. All it takes is a sidewise glimpse of Spike, hair curling against the pillow, an unexpected break to the timbre of his voice, the bird-thin bones of his hands, and Wes is brought to the verge.
Teetering, almost wishing for the fall.
He is in love. And this cannot be." Your wording is beautiful. Looking forward to reading more by you!
2  Andrea posted on Aug 16, 2003
I basically agree with Roquelaure: nicely written story, but I found myself confused. That may be partly because I haven't watched Angel much so I'm not quite as intimately familiar with the characters or the nuances of the story arc of the last four seasons (though I've read summaries).

I also didn't follow what was happening with the dialogue between Spike and Angel or what the ending was supposed to be about. Help -- clarification?
1  Roquelaure posted on Aug 15, 2003
Hmm, very nicely written. Very sad and bittersweet for poor Spike. He comes back restored, and Wes is just plain crazy.

I think I'm a little confused, though. Why was Wes all bonkers? Because of the spell that erased Connor? Because he killed someone? I don't get it. I'm also very tired, so maybe I'm missing something huge and obvious.

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