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10  Krista posted on Jul 21, 2006
This clenches my heart hun! Very perceptive!
9  Adhara1 posted on Apr 29, 2006
Very creative! What an interesting idea to draw upon. Nicely done!
8  Katt posted on Sep 15, 2004 |
Again, Colleen, Kudos! You have a gift for making your point with very few and carefully chosen words. And that is truly a talent!
7  Gisme posted on Feb 14, 2004
oooh. original. i liked it! :)
6  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Ah, everything clicks into place. And great last line, too!
5  cassie posted on Aug 13, 2003 |
Love this. Love that this is a point very possible. Like Christie below, I'm starting to think that maybe Joss was thinking along those same lines.

I really like the "wed in their hearts" part, about Spike rejecting it and Buffy denying it. Given their characters (and what we obviously saw on screen), that's exactly what happened. But I love your version of WHY it happened.

You know, there really are some fanfic writers that I wish so badly would have been writers on the show. You guys could have come up with some awesome storylines.
4  Rashaka posted on Aug 13, 2003
oooh... irony. isn't is just vicious?
3  Christie posted on Aug 11, 2003
Okay, that is really a profound observation...and I mean REALLY.

Like, it's so subtle, but makes so much sense, I wonder if you've picked up on a subconscious thematic continuity in JW's storytelling. OMWF overtly predicted everything that came after. But you've hit on some pretty vital connections from SB that, like I said, are so subtle, I wonder if they could even have been intentional, or if they are just there because those notions were percolating on some other level as the story unfolded.


Sometimes, I feel like a pretty clever gal. After reading this, I don't so much.
2  clara posted on Aug 9, 2003
Ohhh, that last line was brilliant. Great stuff.
1  Nikki posted on Aug 9, 2003
That was awesome!

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