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48  Rosie posted on Dec 3, 2008
Oh God! This was absolutely fabulous! Two thumbs up!!
47  Kara, Captain Jack Harkness' Newest Recruit posted on Oct 16, 2007
That was spectacular! I cannot believe how well it was written. At first I thought, "Dear God, QEFTSG with Spike?" After reading it, it is probably my second favorite fanfiction of all time. Keep up the great work!
46  Sam posted on Apr 27, 2007 |
I absolutely loved this story!

The sexual jokes made it just the way I like it. That's my style of humor, after all.

Keep at it!

Ooh...I know! You should write one about Willy Wonka next time.

I'm curious about how that one would turn out, because everyone knows he doesn't like to be touched...
45  Ditto posted on Nov 6, 2006 |
That was so much fun! I'm glad orchidslayer recced that for me. :)
44  Muffin posted on Aug 8, 2005 |
That was awesome and I don't even like the Queer eye show anymore!

Great job.
43  Son Of Evil posted on Jul 29, 2005
Lol, nicely done!
42  Jonzes posted on Jul 13, 2005
I have to say... a guilty pleasure.
41  Carol posted on Oct 11, 2004
Haha! That was hilarious!!!!!!
40  Darlene posted on Oct 9, 2004
You've combined two of my favorite shows! The writing flowed seamlessly & you've really captured each personality, mannerism & dialog. Can't wait to read more.
39  Esther posted on Sep 13, 2004
Very funny. I enjoyed this a lot. also the david bowie reference. heh heh! leather pants. mmm...
The only thing I kinda question is that I don't think Spike is straight. I mean, all that stuff with Angel and whatsisname, Drogyn (had to look up the spelling!). There's no denying there was tension there. I'm thinking of the final episodes of Angel. Definite boffing going on there. ....not that that's a criticism of this fic in any way. And obviously this is going on earlier than Angel. So, good work team! where can I find some Spike/Drogyn slash....
38  Helen posted on Aug 26, 2004
Oh. My. God.!
My two fave one...I didn't think QE4TSG fanfiction EXISTED! wow. Spike. Wow.
37  Lilah posted on Aug 7, 2004
Great story! Very humerous.
36  michelle posted on Mar 14, 2004
one word WOW!!!!!!!!!!
35  Annie posted on Feb 16, 2004 |
ROFLMAO!!! This was GREAT!! Maybe we should get the Fab 5 onto Angel, so that WB will re-think their cancellation?? :D
34  Larilyn posted on Dec 23, 2003 |
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.
33  Sophia posted on Oct 6, 2003
This was so cute! Loved it. :)
32  Cathy posted on Oct 5, 2003
I absolutely loved this story. The actual show has just started in Australia, and I already have fallen in love with it. This story was just great. Thank you.

31  Meltha posted on Sep 30, 2003 | NA
Heh. Okay, I wasn't really sure about this going into it (I mean, Spike is pretty dang perfect as is), but, yup, that's precisely how it would have been. I could visualize the redone crypt perfectly... and Carson being smitten.
30  ancientgirl posted on Sep 22, 2003 |
I loved this. It was funny, sweet, romantic. I only wish we could have had the part where Spike showed Buffy the lower level of the crypt.
29  erose posted on Sep 12, 2003 |
Funny. I like the Fab 5 and you managed to make their interaction with Spike work. Its good stuff.
28  Andrea posted on Aug 16, 2003
I've never watched "Queer Eye" myself, but I liked the cross-over parody you did with it!
27  Lilith posted on Aug 14, 2003
Oh My God! I LOVED it!!!!! You have so captured the personality of the Fab Five! All the fans of both shows MUST read this! I love that Carson wanted Spike to bite him, he's such a flirt. Oh and the twirl before the cameras, priceless. You've done a really great job with this story. Next let's see the Fab Five take on Angel...oooh, and Wesley...and Gunn, no wait, he has style....okay, XANDER!!!!!! Please?
26  Mirya Lirin posted on Aug 12, 2003
I'm glad someone suggested that I read this. I love Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! You're rendition of one of their shows was right on the money. Why is that one guy always trying to get into a straight guys pants?!?!? Anyway, this story had me rolling on the floor laughing. The Fab 5 re-doing a crypt? Priceless. Or should I say FAB-U-LOUS Honey!
25  Nikki posted on Aug 12, 2003
*squeeee* I absolutely adored this! It's up there with the "Queer Eye for the Undead Guy" site that I saw yesterday. You did a good job with both the Buffy characters and the QE guys. I could imagine the tips that would show up at the bottom of the screen. Next I want to see them do over Xander (with the eyepatch) or Wesley...
24  Jen posted on Aug 11, 2003
Bwha-ha-ha. Not sure whether it's the new yoga workout I tried this morning or reading your story that has my abs aching -- I guffawed like a woman possessed! Loved all of the characterizations, but your rendering of Carson was particularly spot-on terrific. Absolutely hilarious. And I laughed out loud at Spike's near-orgasmic reaction to the new TVs. ;)

Any chance you can send the Fab Five to Xander? If I weren't bankrupt, I'd pay to see Carson fawning all over him.
23  Angela posted on Aug 11, 2003
Wow, that was an enjoyable read! So cute, true to character, and overall just a lot of fun. Great flow, nice style. Thanks!! :)
22  JazzSeductress posted on Aug 11, 2003
I abosolutely loved this story. You took my two favorite shows and mixed them into one perfect fanfic. I love you for it. :)
21  RevDorothyL posted on Aug 9, 2003
This is wonderful, doing justice both to Bravo's "Queer Eye" and its delightful make-over mavens AND to the sort of kinder/gentler outcome for Buffy/Spike in season 6 that many of us had hoped for. Good job, and thanks for the fun!
20  saya h posted on Aug 9, 2003 |
Oh. Ohohohoh. I love you so much. Can I offer you my maidenhead? I promise, it's 100% pure! That was soooo funny! And hey, it's always good when Spikey gets a li'l lovin'...
19  Ashley posted on Aug 8, 2003
This is PURE GENIUS!!! I love that show, and you've captured the Fab Five perfectly! [especially Carson...but who wouldn't drool over Spike???] Seriously, this was so creative and funny - major, major congrats! One of my fav fics ever!!!!

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