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5  Stonering posted on Dec 6, 2004 |
"It moves him. Moves him terribly. His bones, his blood, his heart. He wants to find the woman that told Spike he was worthless and cut her into pieces. Wants to go back in time and try to save Spike's life."

Very Sweet. I'm enjoying this set of stories a lot. Light, not particualrly unhappy, just normal and kind of romantic stuff. Um, for some values of normal. :-)
4  BelleImani posted on Jan 22, 2004 |
Hee. Xander and Spike's entire conversation about napalm and anthrax is hilarious. But it's the later stuff that does it. Seriously I was crying by the end it was so beautiful.
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 22, 2003
First off, I was almost off my chair, on the floor laughing from this simple Spike line:

"I wish I had napalm."

And then going through the yearbook together was so bittersweet and Spike telling him he was a poet was just beautiful. I love the relationship you've created here.
2  . posted on Aug 2, 2003
rufus: Given the disrespect with which Giles often treated Xander in early seasons, plus Giles' typically reserved nature, I found the yearbook quote quite appropriate. Also, hilarious.
1  rufus posted on Aug 2, 2003
Well, cute without being saccharine and therefore unbelievable (not that S/X would have occured to me normally), and nice working in of the image we have of William that Xander doesn't know about.

A small quibble though: presumably you deem this a joke, but Giles fussing about Library books is SUCH a caricature. He'd say something much more personal and encouraging in Xander's yearbook, I feel.

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