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15  Janakie posted on Aug 6, 2008
I really love the way, how he doesnīt just keep a diary but how he writes it like itīs letters to her...
Very believebal and very touching.
14  spikegirl65 posted on Apr 27, 2008
Short and Excellent. Made me cry. Believable from the 1st episode of season 6 the way they were all working together before her return.
13  Cat posted on Apr 14, 2005
I read this, and I just went: awwwww......
12  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Wasn't expecting the ending with Buffy reading those thoughts in his diary, very good. I especially liked the new way he thought of trying to save her.
11  Andrea posted on Aug 16, 2003
Ditto to the rest.
10  cassie posted on Aug 13, 2003 |
Count me as a fan of your work. Very touching.
9  Clara posted on Aug 9, 2003
Very poignant, touching fic. Made me cry too.
8  skylar posted on Aug 9, 2003
Wonderful sad and touching.
I love it.
7  Estepheia posted on Aug 9, 2003 |
Touching. Thank you.
6  circe posted on Aug 9, 2003
This was so simple and heartbreaking. Guh!
5  Jen posted on Aug 8, 2003
Holy smoke, that made me cry. Sitting right here at the desk at work illegally looking at Spike fanfic on the clock. What a fantastic story.
4  fastiller posted on Aug 8, 2003
Great fic. That is all.
3  Karaph posted on Aug 8, 2003
The last 2 sentences caught me by pleasant surprise. I really wish Buffy could have seen more of what made Spike tick.
2  natsing posted on Aug 8, 2003
Short and bittersweet- I loved this fic
1  Nikki posted on Aug 8, 2003
Awwww! That was so good!

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