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5  Demeter posted on Sep 28, 2003
Diva Stardust's comment sums up my own reaction to the story perfectly. Angel's words feel like a blow to the's just the way he might treat Spike though...
4  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Ouch. Painful ending but I can definitely see Angel doing that.
3  hostile 17 posted on Aug 5, 2003 | too much of a technically inept person to figure out how to do one
Way harsh! I think Angel would help, even if he felt like shit. The subject is so close to his heart, how could he not respond? I did like the story though, It's just that I am a sucker for a happy ending, and always want Spike to get some compassion from someone. I think he deserves it, the poor little lamb.

hostile 17
2  Andrea posted on Aug 2, 2003
I, too, have tried to imagine what might have happened if Spike had tried to call Angel in search of advice and support. In my case, however, I haven't actually watched AtS (except that now I've watched most of the 1st season and a few episodes of the 4th), so the sceanarios in my head have always been divorced from the context of what's actually going on in Angel's life at the time the widdle Spike in my head gives him a ring. You've given me something to think about.
1  Fallowdoe posted on Aug 1, 2003
I've read this piece before, when you first wrote it, and was extremely impressed. It says a lot about Angel, really, to me, even more than Spike-- about how difficult his struggles have really been, and how seperate he is from the world around him. Thank you for writing it!

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