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20  Emmy posted on Nov 10, 2005
Ooh! That was great! I loved it, finally someone makes fun of *that* stupid-buffy analogy.
19  love it! posted on Nov 17, 2003
my name says it all!
18  Susan posted on Aug 5, 2003
Very cute play on the cookie-dough analogy
17  calla posted on Aug 5, 2003
Hee! It's so perfect! I'm happy to know that I wasn't the only one who found the whole cookie-cough analogy completely insipid.

Funny stuff.
16  Laura - Site Admin posted on Aug 5, 2003 |
Please keep your reviews focused on the story and not on other fans. Everyone's allowed to view the show however s/he wants. Zyrya can think S7 wretched and Sunnydalegal13 can think it amazing--since it's entirely a matter of perception, you're both right.
15  Treacle-A posted on Aug 5, 2003 |
Congrats!!! Totally blindsided me with that whole plasma TV bit , you evil little troll. You should really think about starting a comic-timing masterclass.
14  Sunnydalegal13 posted on Aug 5, 2003
WooHoo! A new fan here! Loved it! It made me laugh, it made me want choc chip cookies. Please, if you think S7 was "wretched," go and watch the episodes again. In order; have yourself a Buffython. They were amazing!! Just like this story.
13  Rashaka posted on Aug 2, 2003 |
I love this. I adore this. You're wonderful.

::rereads it again laughing::
12  mushmouse posted on Aug 2, 2003
OMG. That was delicious! Heehee, a lovely little confection. Like a perfectly warm, just out of the oven cookie. Savoring the irony and the threat of violence towards Angel's beloved tv! Thank You!
11  kalima posted on Aug 2, 2003
Thanks doll. A guffaw is a great way to start the morning. You give good dialogue.
10  reckless posted on Aug 1, 2003
I would kill to see Spike tell Buffy he was cookie dough. Kill. Or shamelessly sleep.
Loved it!
9  Rina posted on Aug 1, 2003
Nice little swipe at the "cookie dough" speech, but unlike others, I wouldn't call Season 7 - "wretched".
8  petzipellepingo posted on Aug 1, 2003
Bwah! Look out Angel and Angel's television. Loved it.
7  magpie posted on Aug 1, 2003
Very witty. It put a smile on my face. At the same time, I agree with the gist of what Spike is saying. He has to stand and be his own person/vampire. This is his first opportunity in his life/unlife on his own making his mark on the world. Thanks for the perspective.
6  WGJ12 posted on Aug 1, 2003
Love it. Thanks so much!! I want more, though.
5  Zyrya posted on Aug 1, 2003
This is *delicious*! The perfect antidote to wretched season 7 and all its ills. I laughed so much I woke my Beloved and scared the cats.
4  Fallowdoe posted on Aug 1, 2003
That poor innocent television! :) Very amusing, I really liked this little piece a lot!
3  lena posted on Jul 31, 2003
2  abbylee posted on Jul 31, 2003
Short and sweet :) Glad to see you writing again, Mike.
1  Wei-Li posted on Jul 31, 2003
Hilarious and absolutely fantastic!!!

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