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7  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 27, 2003
Just got caught up with this now! Well, I've always thought you had a wonderful handle on Spike and I'm happy to now say the same thing with Angel. Great Angel POV, everything feels just right.

I also love the thing with the touching and Spike's hand going right through him but it still makes him feel something. And just the way he's touched Angel's life in general, with his banter, and him just being there is really great.
6  Kimberly posted on Aug 23, 2003
Wow. That was good. I like how you conveyed Angel's mixed feelings of annoyance and sympathy for Spike. I'm not too into A/S fics, but this was well-written.
5  Nan Dibble posted on Aug 12, 2003 |
This is developing very strong, terse, and intriguing. Not to mention funny. Excellent. Looking forward to the updates with near-ghostly glee.
4  petzipellepingo posted on Aug 11, 2003
Those two really are the George and Martha of the Buffyverse aren't they? Fists and fangs indeed. More please.
3  Treacle-A posted on Aug 10, 2003
"He's now stuck with Ghost Spike plastered to him like a bad haircut. " I loved that line, so very Angel. Excellent Ghost!Spike, a little like a pouting Harvey. Perhaps there's more?
2  Susan posted on Aug 6, 2003
Hee, hee.. Angel shopping at Target. Love it! Great characterization of them both.
1  Deborah Marwaha posted on Jul 31, 2003
Please don't make me like the idea of Ghost Spike! I don't wanna'!

Beautiful, dammit!

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