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12  Tasha posted on May 21, 2005
Nice story. Xander's POV really made you feel for the poor guy as did Spikes. Anya's diaries made me wanna cry especially the final one. I liked Tara's too & Dawns therapy was nice. But Willow's was... well I found myself defending poor Tara alot. It was an interesting & quite sad story.
11  cube posted on Nov 11, 2004
That was one hell of a chilling plot twist at the end. Great fic.
10  posted on Jul 22, 2004
Holy crap! So good! I felt I was in Xander's mind, what with the (good kind of) scary almost ADDness that comes with it. I liked the way you put Spike and Xander's relationship. Not necessarily romantic. More...Jay and Silent Bob-ish. Hetero lifemates, maybe. I don't know...can't explain really why I liked it. Just that I did.
9  Courtney posted on Apr 18, 2004
Liked the story, The Spike/Xander relationship was very odd, and it wasn't them. But it was written well none-the-less. I also think Spike was much more heartbroken then you seemed to let on in your story. But like I said before, very well written.
8  MikkTorrent posted on Oct 28, 2003
woah. you are so my hero. these stories were absolutly faboo. i really liked the one about dawn, the new format was well done, and made the story more interesting. yikes was willow creepy in this one. :) but i really like your spike and zander. please write more.
7  Whipper posted on Sep 10, 2003
"I like it here. I like dark, quiet rooms filled with dead things."

I think you might be my new hero. Seriously. I started reading when I was nine and now I'm almost twenty and I haven't put down my books yet. And still this is one of the best stories I've ever read.


- Whipper
6  shehasathree posted on Aug 17, 2003
You are one serously scary author! (But in a good way...) "Little Mouse Sounds" still haunts me. Your writing and ideas are
5  connie (two ladies of quality) posted on Aug 3, 2003
This series is one of the most heartbreakingly lovely things I've ever read. I never fail to get insanely weepy every time I read it.
4  Fallowdoe posted on Aug 1, 2003
This was beautifully written-- extremely impressive work. Thank you for sharing it. I was quite taken with how well you characterized the different POV's-- the characters were themselves and I really felt I got into their minds-- and their minds were very interesting places to get into. I especially like the Dawn-centric telling. The Willow one left chills, and that creepy coldness is part of her character well worth exploring. Thank you for sharing this.
3  trin posted on Jul 29, 2003
what a beautiful work.
i don't think that anybody will be able to read it
without crying at least a bit, but it is so worth it.
2  HurrySundown posted on Jul 29, 2003
*sigh* Cried through most of it, if that tells you anything. This is quite a piece of writing, and I must say that [spoilery here, go back an read the story first] Xander's reaction is rather what I was looking for in Chosen (and now I feel like I have some closure on that, thanks). Also thought the device for Dawn's POV worked a treat. "Discomfitting" is how I would describe the last bit, which I gather is what you intended. All in all, a first-rate read. *applause*
1  Andrea posted on Jul 29, 2003
I especially liked the pieces from Xander's and Spike's POVs.

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