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12  Jenny posted on Nov 16, 2004
BAHAHAHA! This is truly hilarious. Fabolous characterization, as always, and perfect that you interwove Dawson's... and really, that line was just begging to have a ficlet written about it!

Well done!
11  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 22, 2003
Hee! This was hilarious! Spike punching out the higher being, the Taraish goddess who looks like she's on LSD, Spike giving Joey some words of wisdom, etc. Gold, gold, I tells ya!
10  shipperxphile posted on Aug 22, 2003
Bwhahaha! Love it!
9  Beamer posted on Aug 21, 2003 |
Only Spike would use his new position to intervene in the matter of Joey and Pacey's love life.

I loved this the first time I read it in your live journal, I love it now.
8  BuffyX posted on Aug 20, 2003 |
Too cute and snarky. Punching a higher being, having Buffy dumping Angel for Faith, Joey and Pacey...this is just priceless! Great job!
7  jen posted on Aug 20, 2003
Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Started my day off with a lot of laughs. Thank you so much. Spike as a snarky higher being. So great!
6  Dezdemona posted on Aug 20, 2003
Delightful story! You had me smiling all the way through it. Thanks!
5  Greenstone posted on Aug 20, 2003
LOL...punched a higher being..classic, relaly enjoyed, very fun. Thanks
4  Brandi posted on Aug 19, 2003
I enjoyed this immensely.
3  Rina posted on Aug 19, 2003
"Very shortly afterwards, Spike became just about the first person in any universe to punch a higher being in the face."

Priceless! Absolutely priceless!
2  Kate posted on Aug 18, 2003
Loved it! And yeah to Spike for fixing things between Joey & Pacey .
1  Rashaka posted on Aug 18, 2003 |

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