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7  Devon posted on Mar 4, 2007
I love it! I wish the show was this beautiful.
6  buffymon posted on Nov 3, 2005
so very very sweet..
5  SÚverine posted on Oct 23, 2005
Absolutely beautiful!
4  maribel posted on Apr 18, 2004
You made me cry with this fic, it was just so perfect. Sweet, tender and all I would have loved to see in screen. Really touching.
3  Saggit posted on Mar 16, 2003
A nicely written, fairly basic story that goes beyond the basics in one paragraph:

"There's something deeply shocking that he's doing this without his game face on, as if he thinks he's a man and that this is what men do. As if he thinks he can combine it with other things men do. She turns away quickly. It's too intimate to bear. It goes way beyond sex, into a category of things that are both innocent and obscene at once. And yet somehow she's glad she glimpsed it. She thinks she's just received some weird voyeuristic privilege to witness two such rare and exotic creatures in their most secret moment, to see human love and animal need so nakedly laid out in front of her." I wish you could have found a few more moments to drop below emotional/plot reality and touch this point. But overall, I liked it a good deal. Clean, effective use of language. Decent characterization.
2  WilliamsLove posted on Mar 1, 2003
I cried...that was beautifully written, amazing job..
1  kamla posted on Feb 4, 2003
i. love. this. story. it is one of the best ones that i have had the pleasure to read. the characters are so real to life. i wish the writers at BtVS would read this story.

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