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109  Palabra posted on May 7, 2012
I just started reading. I am already loving the closeness between the Scoobies. I love Xander's reaction to being called to identify Anya's body. I love the way Giles and Buffy are being all father/daughter-ey. I love the pregnant pauses in the Buffy/Angel relationship -- and the idea of Xander cooking in Angel's kitchen! So far, this story is made of win.

P.S.: I also enjoyed the rescue team at the crater. I hope we see more of them.
108  Poppy posted on May 4, 2010 |
Wow, I really enjoyed the human Spike, and I'm really intrigued about what happened down in the destroyed Sunnydale with the drops of blood--and with the saleswomen at the department store. You're taking on a lot of important issues, like where would Spike and Buffy go if they were both human. You did a great job capturing the tone of Buffy-speak. And now that I've said a lot of nice mature review-type things: WANH!! I want to know what happens!
107  Blackarachnia posted on Mar 27, 2006 |
I loved the story so much. You capture both Buffy and Spike so well. And we get to see what would have happened if Spike had shanshued.

But please, for the love of Spike, write more. We need more. *gets down on her knees and begs* PLEASE!!
106  Andrea posted on Feb 7, 2006
Congrats on your new update (chapters 18 through 20)! I just now re-read the whole story (it had been so long since the last time I saw it I had to refresh my memory). Hope you're able to keep it up!
105  Bini posted on Feb 1, 2006
Brilliant!Just excellent. I've read a couple of your fics, but this one is actually on of the first ones I ever read, and I find it to be really exciting. But have you stopped writing, or sometging? Please come back, an finish this soon! The universe you've crated is one of the best I've ever read!

104  clara posted on Oct 2, 2005 |
captured the style of buffy-verse as well as their voices and the likes. i was only going to glimpse at a story but then i found myself hooked. and you really do know how to write...
103  Elizabeth posted on Mar 16, 2005 | none
Great update. Reread the whole story. You do a wonderful job with the characters voices. Keep u the wonderful work. be safe. and thanks for sharing.
102  micaela posted on Mar 12, 2005
thank god u updated!!!keep writing cause this story rocks!! ok.... don't stop these wonderful magic.... mika
101  Fan posted on Jul 11, 2004
Your writing has me hooked! I've read several of your fictions and it's like the whole Buffy/Spike universe still exists. The characters from the series come alive again under your fact, it's as good or better than some of the writing on the original series! Please write more.
100  jodi posted on Apr 16, 2004
welcome back. it was delicious. update soon.
99  Stacy posted on Apr 16, 2004
Yay and update!! This is still one of the best stories out there. I'm loving the "Truth" angle. I hope wherever you are everythings safe and good and I'll be looking forward to another update.
98  lena posted on Apr 16, 2004
yay! more story. Thank you for writing. I love the ending with the door handle. Awsome.
97  Shebebad posted on Apr 16, 2004
OMG... You're alive and writing. (Doing Snoopy dance of happiness!) Okay, I've had my moment, now back too you. Enjoyed the chapter. Loved _B_ doing her (J. Nicholson/ A. Schwarzanegger) impression, "You want the truth... You can't handle the truth!"

And can I say, "Just because Spike ain't got no bite, don't mean he ain't got _no_ bite!" Grrr..

Please keep writing!!! :) Ciao
96  Shebebad posted on Apr 16, 2004
OMG... You're alive and writing. (Doing Snoopy dance of happiness!) Okay, I've had my moment, now back too you. Enjoyed the chapter. Loved _B_ doing her (J. Nicholson/ A. Schwarzanegger) impression, "You want the truth... You can't handle the truth!"

And can I say, "Just because Spike ain't got no bite, don't mean he ain't got _no_ bite!" Grrr..

Please keep writing!!! :) Ciao
95  Andrea posted on Feb 9, 2004
ok, sthis story totally capture me,it deals with a lot angsty isues in a realistic way i thin, andim just happy to see this kind of Spuffy, i hope you keep it up, i love your writing and i hope you find the time to finish this.
Good luck in Iraq BTW.
94  Stacy posted on Jan 23, 2004
Still really enjoying this story. I hope you finish cause I feel like I've invested months into this story. Can't wait for an update.
93  se posted on Jan 4, 2004
this is just a wonderful story--please keep writing. It works on so many levels. BTVS was never afraid to to change and have their characters change and grow in an organic way--and this story pays tribute to that tradition of 'if it is raining--then let it come down' (shakespeare) keep it up--you are providing a wonderful service to the Buffy/Spike story in it's next best natural growth. That is the challange of an 'ordinary' relationship.
92  Cori posted on Dec 30, 2003
This story just keeps getting more and more intriguing. Better and better. Can't wait for updates - keep 'em coming!
91  Nicole posted on Dec 29, 2003
More please!! :~)
90  skyz posted on Dec 29, 2003
This is just great. I love it.
89  Andrea posted on Dec 25, 2003
I'm glad you added another update, and am looking forward to more!

Your writing continues to improve, so congrats!

I'll be interested in seeing what happens next (who is that lady from the store? is she just someone who padded her resume with some nice-sounding jobs in Sunnydale that she never actually did so she could try to move up in the working world? That was my initial reaction, except she did know about the hell mouth and many residents of Sunnydale somehow managed to remain oblvious to its exisitence so that's something. So, is she someone more sinister? I'll tune in to find out. And, particularly, to find out how Spike continues to adjust to life again, and where Spike and Buffy go from here.)

Keep it up! Thanks!

88  Angela posted on Dec 24, 2003
very good... i can't wait for more :)
87  skyz posted on Dec 22, 2003
Glad you updated this! It was awesome. I love this story. You've done a great job.
86  Nicole posted on Dec 21, 2003
Please keep updating!! I really do enjoy this story and always look forward to the updates! And your sales lady has me totally freaked out! I have to see what's up with soon!!! :~)
85  Surfergirl posted on Oct 27, 2003
Please keep writing! This is great stuff!
84  Nicole posted on Oct 26, 2003
Still love, want more!!!
83  Andrea posted on Oct 26, 2003
I just now read your latest installment (ch. 13 I think). Your dialogue is improving -- it's easier to follow now. Good work! There are still a few rough spots in your writing (e.g., all of Buffy's speculation about how to interpret different length pauses from Giles was supposedly squeezed into a two-second pause ... it just felt clunky to me. There were also a few other passages that didn't quite work for me; I can't remember specific examples off the top of my head, but I think they were similar in that they were prolonged speculations on Giles' behavior patterns and how to interpret them. Something about the pacing just didn't "click" with me). However, you're still clearly a good writer, so I know you will continue to improve.

Just curious: to what extent do you get your stories "beta'ed"? If you already have one beta reader, maybe you want to consider getting one or two more to see if additional beta readers can help bring different perspectives to your work.

Keep it up!
82  michaela perry posted on Oct 6, 2003
Thank you for recommending this site and all your other wonder works of fiction. You're really an amazing writer.
81  surfergirl posted on Oct 3, 2003
This story is great! Please keep writing!
80  Heather posted on Oct 3, 2003 | http;//
I'm loving the frequent updates. Please continue

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