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6  Lani posted on Feb 19, 2013
Interesting take... really liked this but wish it hadn't been so hateful at the end... though that's likely how it would go.
5  pestilence posted on Jun 3, 2006
Xander, the innately responsive and skilled lover...the joys of mastering a natural submissive, without the horrible cruelty that many fics demonstrate...Spike unexpectedly stumbling upon a hidden treasure...oh, my. It's going to get interesting in that basement, isn't it? Anya may have a fight on her hands!
4  calla posted on Aug 5, 2003
Oh my. You wrap me in your fist of angst and...guh. That was smutty and wrenching at the same time. Fabulous.
3  DittoSpikette posted on Jul 27, 2003
Bl**dy marvellous. Ditto xxoo
2  brandi posted on Jul 25, 2003
Damn fine storytelling. You captured Evil!Desperate Spike brilliantly. Xander never could back down from a challenge could he?
1  Natsing posted on Jul 24, 2003
I love your writing style, so explicit and detailed, you capture Spike in Season 4 perfectly, I could only dream of writing this well, keep up the excellent work!

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