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13  Lani Akers posted on Oct 7, 2013
Oh, Spike and his vicious mouth...
12  Blue posted on Jul 14, 2011
I'm very sorry that I posted a review, not because of the story -- I thought it was well done, but because I left my email -- thinking it would be private. WRONG. (I had originally posted without an email and didn't see the review appear, so I thought it had been rejected - sadly, it appeared later). When I 'mouse' over the pen names of the reviewers who left their addresses, I see ALL their emails. This MEANS SPAM BOTS SEE YOUR EMAILS WHEN YOU LEAVE THEM. Don't leave your email when you review here if you don't want spam. Protect your readers by removing their emails from public view. If you can't turn off this feature, please remove my reviews.

11  Blue posted on Jul 14, 2011
OH yeah! Just what captain whitebread deserves!
10  Blue posted on Jul 14, 2011
OH yeah! Just what captain whitebread deserves!
9  Ditto posted on Jan 26, 2007
Read this a few's just so good... :D
8  Flurblewig posted on Jun 8, 2005
Oh, that was fabulous! Painfully believable Riley and an absolutely wonderful Spike in all his dark seductive glory. Excellent fic.
7  viciouswishes posted on Jun 8, 2005
I really enjoyed the darkness of this piece.
6  nicole posted on Aug 28, 2004
oh my god, normally i hate slash fic but this pairing had me intrigued as well so i checked it out. the end is the best! loved it!
5  alyssa posted on Aug 8, 2003 |
haha! i loved it! take that Riley! never liked him, he was so terribly boring. I love when Spike gets to be evil in fics. all to often he's just in love with Buffy. its much more interesting when he's playing mind games against someone he hates. :-D
4  Darcy posted on Jul 29, 2003 |
You've done it again! I loved it! Spike's so wonderfully evil. ;)
3  Dianna posted on Jul 21, 2003
I don't normally read slash fiction, but I was intrigued by the pairing. Loved the kicker at the end. Very much in character.
2  Holly posted on Jul 15, 2003
This fic was a wonderful way to start out the day. The kicker at the end was delightful!
Please write more more more!!
1  brandi posted on Jul 14, 2003
Spike's evil, you know, he reminds us of it all the time. Guess Riley forgot huh?

This is the best S/R fic I've ever read.

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