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4  Mona posted on Jul 24, 2003
Love this interpretation of the dark, empty days after Buffy's death. You've definitely done a very good job conveying Xander's helpless struggle against what he feels for two dead people. & ;-)
3  Estepheia posted on Jul 23, 2003 |
Yay! Good one! I LOVE S/X stories set during Buffy's death, and this one is very effective. Melancholy rocks.
2  A. R. Evett posted on Jul 23, 2003
Oh, sweet. I'm not into slash normally- especially with the supposed-to-be-het characters. But this I can definitly handle, you make it so natural, believable. Soft and squidgy. Very sweet, very nice.
1  dora posted on Jul 23, 2003
'those invulnerable organs' - nice touch!

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