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10  Fenrir posted on Mar 12, 2012
That's some dark shit right there. Still, good.
9  Wendy posted on Mar 27, 2004
This series always stays with me for days if not weeks. I've read it several times since I discovered it last year. It's almost like an addiction, your words are so potent and precise. I hope that you might continue with the series as I find your writing superb. I'm not one of these readers that think alot on subtext or hidden meanings, I just enjoy a really good story. Good job!
8  missmurchison posted on Feb 29, 2004
This is gorgeous and sexy. I love the miasma of danger and angst that hovers over them, even as it's so clear they love each other. Thanks for the whole series.
7  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 7, 2004
[sigh] so good, and so odd. black butterfiles are fliting about now, and i feel like drusilla. much much too pretty your stories
6  spuffy4evr posted on Nov 8, 2003
My favorite line in this one is "The angels in my bed are the fallen kind." So sad, yet so true. It's gonna stay with me for some time.
5  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
I love this story I cannot wait for the next installment. Love how Angel's obssessive nature is coloring their life. Beautiful.
4  Elinora posted on Jun 30, 2003
A wonderful series, very well done. I love the characterization of Angel, and the way the characters interact.
3  Cyn posted on Jun 28, 2003
New fetish: Angel the tortured voyuer and weirdly-well-adjusted!Spuffy being his fragile prop. Good golly, this rocks. It's sexy. It's deep. It's brilliant. You clever thing! Gimme more.
2  Xane posted on Jun 28, 2003
Intriguing series, and your writing is beautiful.
1  Lis posted on Jun 28, 2003
This whole series is so incredibly cool.

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