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5  petzipellepingo posted on Jul 30, 2003
So sad and haunting. A good take on how lost Buffy was and how Spike just didn't know what to do and neither did the other Scoobies.
4  lena posted on Jul 30, 2003
this is a beautiful work, but I too am a bit confused at the end (the last part when buffy's holding the ladder) who's hand isn't healing and why? oh well. otherwise I love this fic.
3  Margot posted on Jul 30, 2003
Very, very nice.

2  Claudia posted on Jul 30, 2003
Ah, that was just lovely. Loss, coping and change; all of it really tugged at my heartstings. Many thanks for sharing!
1  India posted on Jul 29, 2003
I quite enjoyed that, even if it left me feeling kinda confused at the end. A great read!

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