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5  Ginny posted on Nov 15, 2007 |
I absolutely adored this. So, so beautiful--my God, makes me want to go out and write a Spangel story from this time as well. I just loved the anguish that Angel was obviously feeling and Spike noticed but couldn't recognize. Such great work.
4  Ditto posted on Jan 12, 2007 | stretforddittooneljay
Excellent and my sister agrees. :)
3  Demeter posted on Sep 28, 2003
Sexy and sneaky! Interesting idea! :)
2  Sofia posted on Jun 17, 2003
I only realized I was holding my breath when I finally let it out at the end. Amazing!
1  Estepheia posted on Jun 17, 2003
Ooooh. Love this! Beautiful.

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