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5  logan posted on Aug 12, 2003
Detente ... this is the correct spelling. There's no "a" in detente.
4  magpie posted on Jul 15, 2003
You know, I love all the Spuffy lovin'and the angst, but truth be told, I think I love these platonic, thoughtful, and introspective moments between Spike and Buffy the most. I just really like when they try to be friends and find common ground. Sometimes, friendship is so much more fulfilling than romance. It's a longer lasting kind of love. It shows a vulnerability that contrasts their warrior natures. Thanks. Please write more like this.
3  len posted on Jul 14, 2003
awwwwwww that was soo cute. sniff. thanks for writing with realism and clarity. I can imagine this happening on the show if joss had taken a different turn from the angst that was season 5/6.
2  yvonne posted on Jul 14, 2003
Charming, comfortable, complete. You have a nice touch setting the mood, and both characters feel right. Thank you for this piece.
1  Kate posted on Jul 14, 2003
Me like. lol It was all very sweet...and I love the thought of this happening. A really nice Buffy-Spike moment filled with believability. I like seeing with their guards down for a moment.

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