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23  Suzanne posted on Jan 4, 2010
I have no idea if you're still checking your reviews after so much time, but I hope you are because this is the best Spuffy fic I've ever read, and I've read a lot! How I wish we could've gotten this in Season 7. This fic makes my soul happy. Thank you.
22  scarlett posted on Feb 19, 2009
This is so wonderul!
I have read so much Spuffy fanfic in the last year.
This story along with Illumination are my absolute favorites, I have read them over and over. You have a real gift, I hope you are still writing.
21  Lusci posted on Jul 27, 2008
wow.. that was just amazing and powerfull.. Both parts but especcially the first one.

Thank You for this story, it was really, really great..
20  Devon posted on Aug 10, 2007
Beautiful, just beautiful, like all your work. Though this was all sweetness.
Thank you.
19  chez posted on May 1, 2007
wow !! wow , what a perfect ending to the story of those two. does it for me.
18  Sylvia posted on Jun 28, 2006
I loved it, I absolutely *loved* it. So much hope. So much love.

Thank you.
17  Lina posted on Feb 13, 2005
Thank you for writing this.I've been searching for days for this kind of fic.I needed to read about Buffy letting herself love Spike in season 7 and you have provided me with that in a way I couldn't have imagined being so beautiful.There were parts I couldn't get enough of.I read paragraphs twice and kept on slowly,taking in the magic of the words,of the facts you described so wonderfully.

Congratulations.This story is extremely powerful and you should be really proud for it.

16  Moa posted on Jan 4, 2005
God, you're the best. I haven't red a fic of yours that didn't make me cry or laugh. Please, never stop writing.
15  YourFan posted on Nov 10, 2004
I've been missing Buffy & have been viewing a few reruns on TV. This story had me in tears. I miss all the characaters and especially Spike & Buffy. You're so talented and if only this could have been an episode in the series!
14  Spuffy4evr posted on Oct 28, 2004
You're amazing. I couldn't stop crying in these fics, and everything was so real. Giles' reaction was what I wanted him to be, not what he is but that's alright. It made things easier on them when they should have everything so easily but intead have to work so hard. You show that struggle and their beauty and their everything. I am awed by everything that you write.
13  Jessica Dunn posted on Feb 24, 2004
I'm still trembling with emotions.
That was an incredible story,thank you.
12  Jessica Dunn posted on Feb 24, 2004
I'm still trembling with emotions.
That was an incredible story,thank you.
11  Jessica Dunn posted on Feb 24, 2004
I'm still trembling with emotions.
That was an incredible story,thank you.
10  Jess Marie posted on Jan 30, 2004
So sweet and lovely. I particularly liked Giles's reaction to the soul. "Good on you." Wow. That was awesome, and so much like the Giles I always loved. I *really* wish we could have seen that on the show instead of the not-quite-sensical try-to-kill-Spike plot. And Buffy's struggle to become a tender person again was beautiful. Good job.
9  Sylvia posted on Nov 27, 2003
Annie, this is lovely, just lovely. And heart-warming and everything I ever wanted for Spike - and never got.

Thank you.
8  Kristen posted on Jun 12, 2003 |
You are such a wonderful writer. This is a beautiful fic. I wish this is the direction the show took. Spike deserves Buffy's love so much. Thank you, please, please write some more Spuffy fics.
7  len posted on Jun 11, 2003
thanks for taking time out of your life to give me my daily spuffy fix. and wow, what a fix...
6  Kara posted on Jun 11, 2003
I loved it, thank you for writing this.
5  Ishtar posted on Jun 8, 2003
Oh Gods! You are a damn go writer. That was so well written and beautiful without being overly *fluffy* Thank you
4  Rachael posted on Jun 6, 2003 | o
This is one of the most beautiful fan fics Ive ever read. It was gorgeous in so many ways and it totaly made me rethink some of my opinions on why Buffy and Spike connected. It fills in a part of the show that was casually thrown aside when it should have been more deeply resolved. This is how it should have been. Thankyou :)
3  devi posted on Jun 6, 2003
I have always loved your writing, but this fic touched me so deeply..filling the hole in my poor, aching heart...your writing is so poetic and incredibly real-- this scene between Spike and Buffy is something I've always wanted to see and I love the fact that Buffy was the "aggressor"...magical--the dialogue, your descriptiveness, the sensuality--all at once my eyes were tearing, I was laughing and needing to throw a bucket of ice over me to cool down. Thank you so very much!
2  Kate posted on Jun 6, 2003
...That was one of the most beautifully crafted pieces I've ever read. I was completely enveloped in the world you created for Buffy and Spike and felt their emotions along with them. Thank you for this wonderful story and for giving Spike and Buffy a few moments of bliss.
1  Ms Mephisto posted on Jun 6, 2003 |
Beautiful! Though I love angst this was just ... the perfect ending of an angstridden saga. They deserved this end, and I wish I could have seen him believe and drink up every word.
Thank you!

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