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4  Glovechicken posted on Jun 26, 2003
Please, please, PLEASE say that there's another on the way!!! These are unbelievably good. I love the format, with very little speech and mostly thoughts and observations. It's Spuffy, despite being told from Angel's POV, and that's something entirely new that you have written very well. Thanks so much for this wonderful saga. :)
3  Cyberwitch posted on Jun 26, 2003
I'm loving this saga, please keep 'em "coming".
2  Cyn posted on Jun 26, 2003
This is really exceptional. The language is lovely and really serves the muted emotions of the POV. It's economical *and* lush, somehow. And it's actually moving, in a subtle way. Gorgeous.
1  bubonicplague1348 posted on Jun 26, 2003
I love these. Might sound odd, but the stories seem to have a sense of purity about them that is refreshing. Something innocent, if that makes any sense at all. I love Angel's voice here - he's both an outsider and intimately connected. Great stuff. I hope you write more of these vignettes.

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