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10  Jalexa posted on Dec 8, 2009
Well, I was just sitting about and wondering to myself, I wonder if any of those old Spike fansites survived, and in my search, I discovered this story.

It is so beautifully written, it took my breath away. Your descriptions are flawless and you conveyed the emotions so well. I am a great fan of your more complex analogies. I simply had to stop to rave about the excellence in this piece of writing. Good on you, for this surpasses my expectations for any fanfiction and makes me think- a great accomplishment from a great writer.
9  Ebba posted on Nov 20, 2009
Wonderfull. *saves to computer*

Just beautifull and bittersweet. Loved it. LOVE IT.
8  Aimee posted on Oct 18, 2008
lovely. pulls at the heartstrings.
7  Ashen Ravenwing posted on Aug 5, 2005
Jesus! At first I wasn't so sure of your writing in Angel POV, but by the end I was just awe-struck by your brilliant word use. The last three paragraphs in particular paint such a beautiful mental image... Sheer poetry of emotion... Well done my friend. I Think this is one of the best portrails of their bare and true emotions... Sometimes the brutal truth is often the most fulfilling.... Keep up the grat work..

6  Kirsten posted on Jun 19, 2004
How sweet! That's all I can say. I loved the amount of poetry in his words. Great work.
5  Littleburde posted on Jun 7, 2004
Beautifull. It was erotic and loving at the same time
4  cherylynn posted on May 1, 2004
This is so lyrical and deep, its beyond good and evil and nudges at a truth that we all feel as our emotional life journeys evolve.
Insightful writing.
3  Belle posted on Oct 23, 2003
Beautiful, sensual, so heartbreaking. Love it.
2  K. posted on Jul 14, 2003
That was just...beautiful.
1  Cyn posted on Jul 2, 2003
I'm mad on these Angel POVs -- they're lyrical and dense and deleriously pretty. You've succeeded in making me understand the mopey chap! Even more, you've make me *like* him -- and seeing Spike through his eyes is delicious. Wonderful.

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