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15  Theresa posted on Jan 29, 2006
that was adorable.
14  Gwendolen posted on Jun 22, 2005
Here via the Love's Last Glimpse Awards. This was a lovely, elegiac piece and even now, 2 years later, made me a little teary.
13  IamI posted on Nov 24, 2003
Of the hundreds of fics I`ve read, the only one that can make me cry every single time.
12  jancola posted on Sep 27, 2003
This was sweet... effulgent even. :)
11  Andrea posted on Jul 14, 2003
I wouldn't have thought it possible to create a Buffy/Drusilla fanfic as touching as this one. Thank you for writing it.
10  Kara posted on Jun 11, 2003
I have chills. Thank you for writing this, the writing is wonderful and you captured the essence of the characters head on. :) It is great!
9  Izzy posted on Jun 6, 2003 |
Beautiful. No other words to describe it.
8  Meghan posted on Jun 5, 2003
I absolutely loved this remembrance of Spike on Buffy's behalf. Drusilla being there made it even better, with her reaction to Buffy. It made me sad. So beautiful and very touching.
7  Christine posted on Jun 4, 2003
Wonderful! I've been waiting for a fic that shows Dru's reaction to her brave knight's death. I loved how Dru and Buffy connrcted. What a beautiful tribute to Spike. Thank you.
6  Xane posted on Jun 3, 2003
Made me cry. Really lovely.
5  yvonne posted on Jun 3, 2003
Beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing with us.
Oh, and St. Spike - priceless!
4  skylar_ posted on Jun 3, 2003
Really lovely. ::blinks tears away::
3  Kate posted on Jun 2, 2003
A wonderful tribute. I love the idea of Dru and Buffy meeting...and your story is how I would picture it happening. Really lovely.
2  Isabella posted on Jun 2, 2003
My mouth is hanging open. It really is. That was absolutely wonderful.
1  citilossa posted on Jun 2, 2003
that was beautiful. i really love the way you portrayed dru, and how she and buffy interacted. that was one of the very few stories that really touched me> :(

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