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7  Amanda posted on Oct 28, 2005 |
Very nice, thanks!
6  Delicia posted on Oct 3, 2005
I liked this story very much.
5  Jessi posted on Sep 23, 2005
This is really sweet...I like it a lot!!! :) A tender moment between these two is always nice; I don't think Season 7 gave us as many of those as they could/should have LOL
4  Dezdemona posted on Aug 23, 2003
Loved this! You've captured the horrors of the flu beautifully, and Spike's whole demeanor fits perfectly with the quiet solicitude toward Buffy in early S6. Nice work. Thanks.
3  Opulence posted on Jun 2, 2003
That was great! When I heard Buffy's voice in KIM, I thought about writing a story about her cold, including hot toddies served by Spike! I never got around to it, and this was just so lovely to find!
2  Kate posted on Jun 2, 2003
Very sweet fill-in-the-blank story. And poor Buffy :( Death is perferable to feeling that miserable. lol Loved the simplicity of their (re)connection.
1  BuffyX posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
Awwww. A very sweet moment. I loved it! Thank you. :)

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