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7  BuffyX posted on Jun 1, 2003
Wow. It was well-done and the ending totally caught me by surprise. Actually, the first time I read it I didn't even understand ("Why would Dawn be offering herself to Spike like that??) and then I was doing the dishes and BAM! It hit me! I had to come back and read it again. I love fics that make me think long after I'm done reading them. Thank you! :-)
6  Mary posted on May 30, 2003
Whoa! This was great. I'm reading along, thinking - yes! No whiny brat Dawn, but a Dawn who worries about her odd background (something I personally think would haunt her, but as with a few other things, the writers never seemed to touch on), and then the ending - so abrupt and unexpected. Caught me completely off guard! Very well done.

Are you going to go on with this?

5  gwyneth posted on May 29, 2003
Ooooo, that was just lovely. I'm so behind in fic, and trying so hard to catch up yet missing so much, that I'm glad that someone mentioned it in other spots so I *could* catch up and see this. Just wonderful, Circe!! You pulled me along deliciously and then sunk the knife in, just the way I like it.
4  Jane Davitt posted on May 29, 2003
Oh, that was just...can't think of the words. Tricked again by his own need to do the right thing. What an incredible twist...
3  Sister Spooky posted on May 29, 2003
Wow! That was awesome! I love it!
2  Wildcard posted on May 29, 2003
Wow, that sure came out of left field. You caught me completely off-guard! Nice twist--evil, but very nice. : )
1  rashaka posted on May 29, 2003
you! You're, you're... evil!

I hate you! How could you do this to me!?! I'm scarred... scarred for life!

I need fluff... I need fluff...::hunches down in a corner, chanting:: I need fluff...

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