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34  Erica posted on Sep 23, 2008
This was so beautiful I got teary. Im not usually one to read post-Chosen fics, in fact, i never read them, but you made it well worth it. Excellent job.
33  lissie posted on Sep 13, 2005
i was looking for a story where they didnt just have sex again, they actaully *made love*
it seemed like before they just had sex......never *made love*
omg i love it
you should do one where she finds out he's alive!
32  Gina posted on Nov 20, 2004
Loved it! You wrote it as if you're in their heads and this is exactly what happened.
31  The Final Girl posted on Apr 1, 2004
Oh that was so beautiful, I didn't really think about the possibilty that they made love again before he died, but now I believe you that that's what happened. I'm definantly reading more of your Spuffy.
30  Jen posted on Jan 5, 2004
Brilliant. Jean, you are by far my favorite Spuffy author, especially stories like these.

29  spuffy4evr posted on Oct 8, 2003
Exactly how I imagined it was. All those "she didn't love him as he loved her" Post-Chosen fics just make me grate my teeth. But these, this one was ....wonderfully perfect. Everyone wa so, real, like in the show. Made me smile, cry, and laugh all in seconds of each other. I love the " If Angel could smell you now" line, and the one about her dreaming bout blue-eyed grandchildren was the start of my sobs. But I think the best was the "He ARGUED with me! What the hell was that!", made be laugh and through my tears. Thank you.
28  Vicky posted on Aug 19, 2003
I had to read this twice, it was amazing. There was the perfect amount of everything in there. I loved all the continuity that you used. This story was not only graceful but elegant too. Touched my heart.
27  alyssa posted on Jul 24, 2003 |
yeah, im another one of those weepy readers. bah, ive already gotten over spike's death, now you've gone and drudged up all that beautiful sadness again. sigh.
26  Becky posted on Jul 2, 2003
OK. You did it. Of all the fics I've read, this one made me cry. Thank you for a beautiful story. This is what Joss should have showed us.
25  Rina posted on Jun 16, 2003
Oh God! I haven't cried over a fan fiction story in ages - until I started reading these post-"Chosen" stories. But this one finally made me break down and cry. A beautiful follow-up to a beautiful finale.
24  Julbie posted on Jun 4, 2003
That was perfect.
23  darkwoods posted on Jun 1, 2003
I have never cried while reading a fic-until now. This is absolute perfection. Thanks
22  Clara posted on May 31, 2003
Okay, in my reality, that is exactly what happened. Absolutely perfect. Your character voices are spot-on. Buffy trying not to break down had me sobbing, then Xander's eye socket line made me laugh hysterically, between tears. Doesn't get much better than that. Thanks.
21  Sita posted on May 31, 2003
Wow... that story was so beautiful. I loved it. Perfect. It made me want to cry all over again.
20  lunakornkid posted on May 30, 2003
This was beautiful. Heart wrenching but humourous too... Just what I needed in my post finale grief!

19  andriana posted on May 29, 2003
Incredible!! I'm not sure anyone can top this story. Beautifully written, so poignant. Thank you for helping ease somewhat our aching hearts with your version of the basement scene and what was said in the aftermath of Sunnydale disappearing under the earth. Would you consider turning this into a series and give us your version of when/how Spike and Buffy meet again?
18  Connie posted on May 29, 2003
Gosh that was beautiful and very sad, but I'm so glad they talked about him. I sure am glad
there are fan writers out there who know how to finish the show so much better then the original.
Please keep writting Spuffy stories with happy endings I just can't stand anymore sad endings.
Thanks for a very well written and good story.
17  nerdysis posted on May 29, 2003
Wow, thanx so much!!!!! Had to cry over: I touched his soul! And Andrew: "Excuse me"!!! Everyone so true to character! Write more! !
16  Mandi posted on May 28, 2003 |
Beautiful fic. I'm crying over here. Very heart wrenching.
15  Sillehare posted on May 28, 2003
Many thanks, great story. Havenít cried until today when I read this. Do write some more soon.
14  Caroline posted on May 28, 2003
Very great fiction , intensely wonderful and heartwrenching ; the last love scene between Spike and Buffy feels so right..I liked the words of Willow , Xander..Thank you .Of course, there were tears , again , because our Spike is so alive in our hearts.
13  Teenes posted on May 28, 2003
Absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough for writing this. All the little touches and character quotes/moments - just wonderful.
12  teagoblin posted on May 28, 2003
It made me cry. And I. Don't. C-c-cryyy. Oh, sob. So anyway, thank you. Buffy muttering "He was a jerk" was perfection.
11  Circe posted on May 27, 2003
This was so heartbreakingly tender. The lovemaking, the Scooby dialogue, all of it.

Thank you so much for this.
10  elizabeth posted on May 27, 2003
loved it. especially that lovely little reference to Buffy's long ago dream that she and Giles would open an office supply warehouse in Vegas...brilliant. made me laugh after i was done crying
9  Isabella posted on May 27, 2003
What are you all doing to me! I vow at this moment to never read a post-chosen fic again. Wow, I am SO lying. But in perfect seriousness, that was great. My favorite part was the use of "effulgent". Just that one word tells such an encredible story of Spike, and I'm happy to no end that you included it. *Goes to the dollar store to buy a life* But really, wonderful.
8  Kate posted on May 27, 2003
And here I thought I was done crying. lol I love everything about this story - how the surviving gang remembers their lost loved ones, the flashback to the second basement scene and the possibilities for what happened, but most especially how Buffy let the gang in on what happened during those last moments between her and Spike. I've been waiting for someone to tackle it and I think you did it perfectly!!
7  solace posted on May 27, 2003
Just wanted to say thank you. Untill I read this- I didn't actually faced the "Spike is dead" concept. The show itself left me kind of...numb. Your fic drove it home, and in a good way too.
So- thanks.
6  jen posted on May 27, 2003
All these post-Chosen fics are going to be the death of me by drowning. There I go with the tears again. That was beautiful. Thank you.
5  liv posted on May 27, 2003
danm it i'm crying again and i feel stupid because i'm crying about a tv show but i am and ur story was great and sweet and what i wished had happened
u gonna write more?
still crying


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