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14  liza posted on Feb 24, 2009
i just watched the finale tonight, so i might be a little emotional. however, this was fantastic and gah, i cried when she cried. i loved how quiet it was and the idea of everyone being connected.
13  GreatDju posted on Oct 24, 2006
I totally agree with the other reviews about how all of it makes sense. I really liked your style, simple but insightful if it's the right english word for "well thought", Chapeau!
12  Mrs GC Sturcbecher posted on May 3, 2006
So sad... so beautiful... and when you think bout it the motorbike thing makes a geat deal of sense. Thank you.
11  Kitty posted on Nov 8, 2004
It was really nicely done. It had the same kinda theme going throughout and i liked the way buffy gave credit to Spike.
10  Shadowscast posted on May 23, 2004
*sniff* That was sweet and sad and lovely.

Also, I love the concept that Buffy'd take to motorcycles. It makes total sense the way you point it out!
9  Dezdemona posted on Aug 23, 2003
Buffy on a bike? Makes total sense once you point out why. Love the way you get at the various threads of emotion that weave together into who we are. Made Buffy's wistful, solitary pursuit of duty, as well as her on-going sense of connectedness - and her need to be in daily contact - as well as all her efforts to grow and change, very believable. Really love how she's trying to come to terms with the fact that Spike is a part of her, and has been for a long time. Seems a perfect continuation of their last scene together. Beautiful work.
8  Christie posted on Aug 19, 2003
Your insights, revealed in minor details, sincerely take my breath away. I would never have thought to look at things this way: Turns out, though, she’s better with the motorcycle than with cars. Cars are a machine thing. This is more of a body thing. Like handling a weapon, she relaxes and lets her instincts do the talking.

But it makes complete sense now that you point it out.

Really good work -- really nice vignette.

7  Andrea posted on Jul 14, 2003
Perfect, especially the conversation between Buffy and the woman at the gas station.
6  Debbie posted on May 28, 2003
Wonderful! Had tears in my eyes at the end. Very nice and loved that she gave him the credit he deserved even if Buffy did't know the women.
5  Katelynn posted on May 27, 2003
Very emotional and true to character. Awesome job in writing this fic! :D
4  Isabella posted on May 27, 2003
AHHH! Why are all these post-chosen fics so incredible?!?! This has to be the best thing that has ever happened to fic writers although it breaks our hearts. Wnderfully done, love.
3  Kate posted on May 27, 2003
Fantastic! A nice post-'Chosen' moment. Thanks.
2  kimi posted on May 27, 2003
Hits the spot like cold water. Lovely.

1  Opulence posted on May 27, 2003
My goodness, this was poignant, believable and altogether lovely! Please write more post-Chosen fics! Thank you!

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