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13  spuffy lover posted on Jun 16, 2003
I thought that this story was touching and sweet. It was also sad.Its so hard to believe that they did not end up together, like they should have.
12  darkwoods posted on Jun 5, 2003
Go Kimi, that was lovely. Love Faith and her nonchalance. Kudos.
11  Louise posted on Jun 3, 2003 |
Wah that was sad, poor spikey gone, and Buffy and bless Faith
10  NautiBitz posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
Oh, that was just beautiful. Perfect, actually. Thanks so much for that.
9  Sabrina posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
Excellent fiction! I read this on mailing list a while ago but I don't remember if I commented on it there. I loved this one though! Loved the back and forth girl talk between Buffy and Faith, you've got both of their voices down really well. Plus it's kinda nice to see those two being friends almost. Beautiful.
8  Treacle_A posted on Jun 2, 2003
OK, you've actually achieved the accolade of writing the first post-Chosen fic to make me cry. Damn your eyes. And then write some more.
7  KristenLuvsSpike posted on May 30, 2003 |
Now, that should have been the ending to Chosen. Thank you for finishing the tale for me. Great fic, I needed that. Now, I must go get a tissue.
6  yvonne posted on May 27, 2003
With this little tale, you managed to do what no other fic, and not even seeing my Spike crumble to dust managed to do. You brought me to tears. Thank you for a beautiful story.
5  Kate posted on May 27, 2003
Thanks for some much needed closure. That was exactly something I would've liked to have seen, plus the conclusions made by Buffy. Also, kuddos for having Faith be the one to reach out to her. Worked really well.
4  Buffybot posted on May 27, 2003
Great ficlet! I always love your writing and I feel you got this down right. God, it all just makes me so sad, but you lifted my spirits! Thanks
3  Cara posted on May 27, 2003
Nice post-Chosen fic. I thought your Buffylogic was right on, as was the whole exchange between Faith and her. Not many people get Faith right, but I think you did. And it definitely provided some much needed closure. Great job!
2  Connie posted on May 27, 2003
I loved it, it gave some closure that IMO was definitely missing. I have tears in my eyes and I'm
at work-- so not good. But the story was great. Thanks
1  Jackie Abbott posted on May 27, 2003 |
I loved it. Also, you have really good grammar!

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