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116  Deb posted on Mar 31, 2012
Oh, I LOVE the way you turned those words around! yay!
115  Rayana posted on Mar 30, 2012
Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I needed. I could hear the voices of James and Sarah in my head while I was reading.. and that is really something..
114  Jane posted on Mar 4, 2012
I've alwaus hated fan fiction. But I love Spike, and have recently just watched the series finale. I feel like I needed this. So, thank you. I get fan fiction now, and I have to say I appreciate it.
113  Kina Kalamari posted on Dec 11, 2009
That was excellent. It makes it all make sense, you know? The only problem with it: When he said that–"No you don't, but thanks for saying it"–in the show, Buffy got this heartbroken look on her face. (I know, I just rewatched it =P) I don't think she would have if this were true. She would've looked more amused, maybe. Still, what can we do if the filming doesn't quite match up with out ideas? It's fanfiction for a reason, after all. =)

Anyway, very nice job. I liked it a lot.
112  Slyn posted on Jun 11, 2009
I was wondering if it was ok to comment on this story all these years later. But I see a recent comment, so I am adding my two cents as well. Loved the story, so sweet and the voices were spot on. I love your take on that precious scene that Joss left to our imagination. (And thank goodness he did. So many wonderful stories came from that unfilmed moment.)

I have always been happy with season 7 and Chosen, so I never felt I needed an explanation of why he said what he did after she told him she loved him. I watched it all so closely, I knew she loved him and I knew she meant it. I go back and forth about whether he believed her, most days I think he did. Spike seemed to have always known that Buffy was not letting herself feel things for him, that were clearly there. Part of what makes "Seeing Red" so desperate is that he knows that she is feeling love for him, but is still pushing him away, still not seeing him as worthy. If you watch his face during the bathroom scene, there is a look of pure desperation on it. He is trying to get her to admit it once and for all. Definitely the wrong way to go about it....but in the end I think it had the same effect. That night in the bathroom changed them both.

But I digress, I think the show carefully pieced together a subtle love story in season 7, that made it clear that Buffy was letting her love for Spike bloom and all the Scoobies were witness to it. There was no one else in that season that she trusted or confided in more. The world was ending, and she spent her last night with him. The last words the character of Buffy ever uttered on the show was SPIKE. It is all there clear as day. By the end of the season, she was out of denial - and faced what she felt. He was "in her heart" and she loved him. As simple as that.
111  abby posted on Apr 30, 2009
good day, right **rolls eyes** Anyway, this was good :D I always were wondering what happened in the basement, but I'm not really sure they had sex... Anyway, great job!
110  Brunettepet posted on Nov 1, 2008
this was recced in the Buffyverse top 5 on LJ and I'm really happy to finally read it. Excellent voices in this emotional, romantic piece. I enjoyed your Buffy, full of forgiveness and love and knowing this is just the balm Spike needs before battle. The story put a clever, delightful spin on Spike's "No you don't, but thanks for saying it" line.

Thanks for giving this couple the happiness they deserved.
109  Mand posted on Sep 21, 2008
Loved it. Exactly how it should have been I think - and I always believed she loved him. And Angel was a tool....and needed a punching bag.
108  Nawayonki posted on Sep 16, 2008
As you did I also loved this missing scene. Though there is that supposal that they were together that night. I like rather the naive thought that they merely needed each other to hold one another and let themselves be protected from the crazy world outside, you know...
It is still so good to go to bed with the idea that Spike & By had a thing and they could've been true lovers in case Spike have survived... =$ =D
107  Sarah posted on Jan 17, 2008
Oh I like that. Nice little spin on that scene, and it is nice to be able to think that Spike knew Buffy loved him.
106  Yavor posted on Oct 16, 2007 |
A realy good story...however I do not thing it "fits" to Joss's point of view. The thing is - I always thought that they did "do" it that last night - but only because she needed it, only because they thought they may be are not going to make it the next day - at least not all two of them (sight). So she comforted Spike for one last time - and he simply complied to her wishes as he always did. He knew she could never truly love him - they were kind of over the lovers and into the best friends circle - she was done changing him as he was now genuinly good a true Champion - and finaly ready to move on and find a more fitting girl for nimself, while she (as she stated early) was still not ready to love one man and sertenly was not ready for him. Sorry bro - you realy rock and I admire your style but you were right (as always) - she doesn't...
105  heather posted on Jun 22, 2007 |
That little bit makes the ending of the series even more bittersweet. Yet, it makes Spike's death less painful. Great job!!!
104  Chirs posted on Mar 9, 2007
This is how Im gonna think of it from now on. Great job!
103  "rabbit posted on Dec 31, 2006 | none in particular.
Very sweet. I liked it and somehow it fit.
102  Xandra posted on Nov 10, 2006
That was such a nice addition to "Chosen," and it definitely lessens the pain at the ending. That scene is by far the best one I have ever read that deals with the events in "Seeing Red."
101  shoeswithsoul posted on Aug 30, 2006
That was perfect! Exactly how the missing scene should have gone.
100  Shawnese posted on Aug 21, 2006
That was truly a lovely interlude. I watched Chosen for the second time today and I literally paused the DVD when that scene came on and went searching for someone who had written the missing moment. Yours has no contenders. It was absolute perfection.
99  morgan posted on May 28, 2006
Why couldn't it be like that??? Who wants to shoot joss?
98  natalie posted on Apr 12, 2006
AAAHHHHH! that was so sweet! always wondered what that missing scene would have been and your story fitted in with it perfectly. very good writing
97  AnyaChristina posted on Mar 27, 2006
AWWWWW!!!! I loved this so much I could read it 5555555 times! I cried- well, weeped a little, anyway. It was so touching and I can pretend it happened whenever I watch Chosen now. THANK YOU!!
96  Jessy posted on Mar 26, 2006
I always tried to figured that out.. why would he say those words? It was so cruel.. For the fans, for him, for Buffy.. For me the episode would be perfect without those words.. It made me sick! It made me cry harder..
But now.. oweee that was perfect! So many years latter and I can finally rest! I can finally.. wacht it again enjoying it! Thanks so much..
And even tought it wasn't on the show, the other review that told us that he had always known and he just wanted to make her out of the basement made me look with different eyes that scene too..
Thanks, all of you! It was very well written.. And made me so happy.. you can't imagine! ;)
95  debbicles posted on Dec 5, 2005
Great Stuff. Thank you so much.
94  Zai posted on Sep 13, 2005
Awe...that was cute...
93  Jaylis posted on Aug 19, 2005
that was freakin' awesome! it actually brought a smile to my face. way to bring a huge spuffy twist to the end of the series, while staying true to character and not falling back on cliche. great job.
92  nessie posted on Jul 2, 2005
This is one hell of a brilliant story! It makes me feel so much better about Spike's death you know! He did know really! It was amazing! Absolutely loved it! Nessie
91  Fidelian posted on Jun 27, 2005
Just like ellemarie said, I'll always be able to watch that scene with a smile from now on. 'Loved it' arent words enough. Thank you!
90  Tracy posted on Jun 26, 2005
The best missing scene award goes to! This was terrific and every bit how I would have had it happen. Thank you for giving me this little piece of Buffy/Spike closure.
89  Danna posted on Jun 4, 2005
Thank you. This was very well written and better than any of my own scenarios. Your missing scene has now become my "reality" ... and of course he finds her again after the "Angel" finale...Thanks again
88  jiE posted on Mar 25, 2005
87  liv posted on Mar 14, 2005
I love this...the last episode sort of crushed my spike/buffy dreams, but this is an amazing explanation! Thanx for writing it.

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