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7  Secretlike1 posted on May 11, 2008
I loved this story it was such a tease. There is something abot reading it that brings a whole nother feel to everything. Great job! I loved it!
6  chez posted on Jan 7, 2007
'snigger' saved in the nick of time.
5  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 24, 2003
Ooh, I love stories where the characters get stuck somewhere together! Loved Spike's dialogue about sexuality and so much funny stuff Anne Rice and the whole him juggling three condom balloons really got to me for some reason! Hee!
4  Circe posted on May 29, 2003
God, I ::heart:: the characterization in this fic. More, Beamer, more!
3  Ditto posted on May 26, 2003
That was fantastic. ::goes off to look up conflated:: :D

Luv Ditto xxoo
2  Zyrya posted on May 26, 2003
Oh, you big tease!

Love the Spander, and you did the characterisations nicely. Only one suggestion ... not sure if you wrote it on purpose, but you have conflated two separate expressions: "hell bent" and "hell for leather".
1  snoopygirll posted on May 26, 2003
Tease! Tease! You have to write a sequel now.

Love your Spike and Xander. Great story. Well written. More. More.

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