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12  Rebel Goddess posted on Apr 21, 2005
Anya would adore the idea of being in retail in her afterlife. It would be almost as good as having Xander there for lots of orgasms. More please. Excellent short story.
11  bobby Hill posted on Aug 1, 2004
You have to write a sequel! Where does Spike choose to go before he is ressurected!?
10  Cecilia posted on Jul 4, 2003
LOL. Good stuff. I love the idea of all the dead people being stuck together to suss things out afterwards. And lord knows we could've used some Spike/Anya bonding in 'Chosen'...
9  Wei-Li posted on Jun 3, 2003
CUTE! Absolutely adore the story!
8  willowwood posted on Jun 1, 2003
Brilliant story, Anyas characterisation was brilliant, especially loved the pinching of Jonathan to see if he was the fist Evil, and her bumping into Spike. Loved it.
7  ceec posted on May 23, 2003
What a great punchline! And wait until they tell Anya the "bad" news. Heh. She'll have that particular region of hell running like clockwork.


You have to write a sequel! What happened in that other room?! Besides, we need to know how poor Mr. Gordo died. Was it a noble death? Was he a brave little piggy right to the bitter end? Farewell Gordo...
6  Jeff posted on May 23, 2003
I'll miss Anya.Thank you for your well written story.
5  Kate posted on May 23, 2003
rotfl!!! Great piece. You nailed Anya's voice. Gift shop - lol. Loved it and a fitting tribute to both.
4  sherebis posted on May 23, 2003
that was soo cute! i loved it.
3  Angela posted on May 23, 2003
As some one who works Retail...oh yes that's definitly the 12th level of hell, right under the level for elevator music and right before telemarketors.
2  debbicles posted on May 23, 2003 |
I loved the idea if Jonathan as a guiding spirit,working on his own salvation. This story made me laugh and smile and sniffle. Lydia Chalmers, acting as Spike's guide!! She'd enjoy that! Anya's "sex with a champion" remark is so in character. And - sniff - whatever happened to Mr Gordo? He has been sorely missed. I will never forgive JW if he is dead, too.

Thank you for this.
1  Estepheia posted on May 23, 2003
I know this is funny and I smile and I even laughed out loud, but god, it's really quite sad. I miss Anya already (and Spike, of course).

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