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13  jesterlady posted on Sep 5, 2005
This is seriously the funniest thing I've ever read. I'm going to memorize it and repeat it to myself on long winter's night. The end with the mistakes and everyone's perfect lives, that was so great.
12  Cricket posted on Mar 28, 2005
SPike and Buffy groping eachother in front of Dawn, Dawn stealing the TV, Xander w/ a mullet, Giles w/ an Afro, the sex scene, and The magic Box threatened to be turned into a bunny store...pure comedy. OMG! Friggin hilarious. Then everyone admitting their wrongs actin like it was no big flip was hysterical also!
11  Me.. posted on Jan 16, 2005
So funny! Dawn stealing Spikes TV.. ha! and “Anya, you better cancel this curse immediately, or I shall take the Magic Box away from you and turn it into a rabbit store!”
Love it!!
10  Lisa Marie posted on Jun 29, 2004
Absolutly the parody I have ever read! Never laughed out loud that much during a fic. Loved Dawn randomly stealing Spike's Hell I loved all of it. But thats the part I laughed hardest at.
9  Joy posted on Sep 18, 2003
you are the comedy god. goddess? you are a comedy deity.
8  len posted on Jun 7, 2003
This is gotta be the best interchange I'v ever read in parody:

""" “Ew!” Dawn shrieked. “You guys, I’m standing Right HERE!” They had totally forgotten she was standing there.

“Get out Get out GET OUT!” Buffy and Spike yelled in unison at the Dawnster Formerly Known as Key while they proceeded to grope each other in a blinding haze of nummy passion. """

ozfan is funny.

7  Lucky posted on Jun 5, 2003 |
Oh. Man. That was hysterical beyond reason. Cecilia gave me the link to that. You are my new God.
6  Cecilia posted on Jun 5, 2003
Hey, it's me. Your groupie. I swear, one day you're gonna make me laugh literally to death. And then you won't get these weird little feedbacks from me anymore...
5  chantal posted on Jun 3, 2003
Damn-it. That was hysterical. I had tears.
I could just see Giles with an afro and Xanders' mullet.
You totally made my day.
4  Connie posted on Jun 3, 2003
Funny!! Very good, I just love happy endings.
3  Glovechicken posted on Jun 2, 2003
As soon as I finished reading this, my mom came into my room with a strange look on her face and asked me why I was lying on the floor shaking with laughter. This is a frickin' CLASSIC. You rock, Ozfan!! :D
2  anonomous posted on Jun 2, 2003
LMFAO! I. Love. You. That was so one of the best parodies I have eva read. Ozfan, you are a genius!!!
1  jen posted on Jun 2, 2003
Wow, I really needed that...except now my stomach hurts from all the laughter, and everyone in the computer lab thinks I'm a loon due to all the guffawing. ;) Oh, well, it was worth it. Keep those parodies coming!

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