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11  eskarina posted on Oct 26, 2008 |
more more more
my fave parts: buffy spitting her beer when Angel mentions her getting it on with Spike as a weird thing... and then spike saying he thought he'd lost her. I know that one was more fluffy than funny but I couldn't help but sigh.
spuffy forever yeah!
10  Cricket posted on Mar 28, 2005
The opening line cracked me up. Then the que rain part had me laughing my ass off! And then angel dropping Connor...shoulda just let him go splat. But ne ways...It was AWESOME!
9  Slayergirl posted on Dec 9, 2004 |
Thank you SO, SO MUCH! I was giggling like anything (in work time - oppsie?! I'm such a bad girl ;)!), my colleagues were doing the whole 'stare at pc screen, she's finally lost it' routine! I nearly spat my humbug out at the screen I was laughing so much.

More, please, more! *gasps for breath between giggles*. Especially lmao@dorky Angel...
8  jm-17 posted on Oct 2, 2003
really funny -loved it!
7  Joy posted on Sep 19, 2003 |
Wow. Well, I wouldn't hang up your comedy hat either. This is funny beyond words.
6  Rina posted on Jul 3, 2003
Another winner!
5  Mary posted on May 26, 2003
“Who’s my widdle baby waby? Who’s my widdle champion wampion?”

Completely spew-worthy. Thanks!

4  ozfan posted on May 21, 2003
Hey all! I just wanted to say that all my parody fics were written long ago, way before I started writing real fic. They originally appeared over at that other yucky fanfic site. So, I actually graduated up to writing real, shmoopy, angsty fic after I got my feet wet with this stuff. Thanks for reading!
3  Glovechicken posted on May 20, 2003
I have no words to describe how hard I'm laughing at this moment... you're SUCH a genius, you must make Steven Hawking jealous. I always love your endings, especially. :D "Crikey, blimey, chim chim a roo! I'm the happiest morally ambiguous vampire in the world!" Ahhh... *sigh*... good times, good times.... :D

I was literally screaming with laughter at some points. My mom came into my room and gave me an odd, odd look. Sometimes it's best not to interfere with the lives of your children. ;)
2  Scarlett Girl posted on May 20, 2003

That was me falling on the floor laughing! Thank you! I so needed a funny fic today.

"“Crikey, blimey, chim chim a roo! I’m the happiest morally ambiguous vampire in the world"

1  rashaka posted on May 20, 2003
I find it fascinating that you've traded angst fic for parody. Not bad parody either.

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