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10  ferıdun kılınc posted on Sep 7, 2005
9  Cricket posted on Mar 28, 2005
RAOTFLMFAO! I LOVED the Grease reference and the part where you type the lyrics! And Fizzo, Dike, and Bandy and Wenchie...absolutely funny fun! And how Buffy kept putting off how dawn acted...I don't like her but ne ways. HILARIOUS!
8  Kerylynn posted on Jul 18, 2003
Oh my god, I love this:

> ?Fine, whatever, just hurry up.? Dawn gave her the finger. Buffy grinned. Kids these days, she thought to herself.
7  Rina posted on Jul 3, 2003
Dike? Bandy? And, oh God, Wenchie? Hilarious, hilarious! I loved it!
6  citielossa posted on Jun 30, 2003
ozfan, i love all of your fics! LMFAO, u r hilarious...
5  Cecilia posted on Jun 29, 2003
Wenchie. Bwah. You kill me, Ozfan.
4  someone posted on Jun 29, 2003 |
tha-- its;fklnc v sorry, i am rolling all over my keyboard laughing...(ok, that sounded great, huh?) that was so funny!!!!!!!!!!
3  Glovechicken posted on Jun 27, 2003
*Dies of laughter* FANTASTIC!! The names (Dike, Bandy, Fizzo, Wenchie, etc) had me laughing my butt off... truly brilliant. You have a great sense of humour, and a real talent for comedies. Thanks for yet another of these wonderful gems. :D
2  Fallowdoe posted on Jun 27, 2003
Really amusing-- I especially liked the phrase 'my little Vanilla Head.' That had me snickering so my coworkers were all looking at me funny. :)
1  Pegasus posted on Jun 27, 2003
This was hilarious---LMAO!!! I do so love your parodies. Way too many perfect details to mention them all, but I loved your references (Batman, Wizard of Oz, etc), Danny + Spike = Dike, Faith as Rizzo (she couldn't have been anyone else),F-me stilletos and that W-O-M-A-N song. I always thought Sandy shouldn't have changed at the end either, and can't you just picture Spike, especially vamped out and with major attitude, a short leather jacket and a pack of cigs, as a greaser! Too bad they didn't get around to that 50's musical take-off on the show. Can't wait until the next one. Many thanks.

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