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15  Sarah May posted on Jul 15, 2009
Haha, this is great! I'll have to start reading more of your stories.
14  Krista posted on Jul 21, 2006
That was hilarious, loved it!
13  Cricket posted on Mar 28, 2005
The throwing of the Angel part in there was absolutely priceless...yur my hero, man!
12  Joy posted on Sep 18, 2003
so so funny. The Xander bit, the Dawn bit, the Angel bit... all of it. Way too funny.
11  Andrea posted on Jul 18, 2003
Your usual weird-but-really-hilarious stuff -- please give us more parody! More, more, more! (Though your more serious fiction is also good.)
10  petzipellepingo posted on Jul 11, 2003
Bwah and double bwah! Once again Ozfan you are my hero. Oz driven to the field of male nursing? Boy, you are even more cruel than Veruca.
9  Clara posted on Jul 4, 2003
Ah, that was brilliant. Great stuff.
8  Nicole posted on Jul 4, 2003
Sorry, my bad :~)
7  Ozfan posted on Jul 3, 2003
Oh, Nicole, you big silly. That was part of what I was parodying. Misspelling of Xander, bad punctuation, bad baby fics, etc. NOTHING IS SAFE FROM ME!
6  Sue posted on Jul 3, 2003
Oddly disturbing and yet ... funny. :) But Oz as male nurse ... Man, that's cruel. Poor dogboy.
5  Irene posted on Jul 3, 2003
I laughed. A lot. That was great!!
4  Nicole posted on Jul 2, 2003
LOL- Cute story, very funny! (by the way: Xander not Zander, like Aakos said 'from Alexander')
3  Glovechicken posted on Jul 2, 2003
Ozfan, you've done it again! Brilliant -- I laughed my ass off, especially at the part with Oz going down the "dark and twisted path of male nursing"... ooh, scary! ;) Great work, as usual, and thanks once again for the laughs.
2  aakos posted on Jul 2, 2003
Hmm. Funny and weird.

ps. Xander. from Alexander
1  Periwinkle posted on Jul 2, 2003
That was so funny! When Angel said Connor, I fell of my chair laughing so hard. :-D Great parody.

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