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11  Lani posted on Jun 2, 2014
10  Abby posted on Jul 3, 2009
That was very intense, but I really liked it. I loved how Dawn had matured - she even seemed a bit like Buffy, come to think of it - but it was very good.
9  Lealie posted on Mar 2, 2008 |
That was intense! I liked it.
8  Samantha posted on Feb 7, 2006
That was really powerfull.
I loved it.
Brilliant Work!
You're an amazing writting,
I really hope to come across some more stuff by you.
7  dawn posted on Jul 21, 2005
omfg that was really good please update i really like it.
6  Leanne posted on Oct 16, 2004!
It has all the elements of a perfect fic, one of my fave almost-couples, angst, hints at smut, romance...excellent!
Definitely gonna look at for more from you :)
5  Jackie posted on Apr 10, 2004 |
Wow, I loved that. Very beautiful and dark and sexy and depressive...its perfect!
4  Lena posted on Nov 27, 2003
Very poetic.
3  Myles posted on Aug 5, 2003 | n/a
I loved this story. Simple things you wrote. One line that would just make the whole story shine. It definitely grabbed my attention.
2  ceec posted on May 22, 2003
Wonderful texture to your Spike! The flaws make him more believable than many of the stories that try to re-cast him as the perfect boyfriend. The fact that Spike and this woman care strongly for each other really shines through; that the woman turned out to be Dawn was a complete surprise.
1  Mona posted on May 18, 2003
Love it, Brighid--

Spike and Dawn and all the echoes of their past...

I've always thought they were a most credible couple in the future, especially after The Gift but even now, it makes so much sense.

Dark, touching, and so genuine...

thanks a lot-- think I adored each and every story of yours so far.

Keep writing!


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