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19  Marabunta posted on Mar 11, 2008
Aah! At last!
A good, well-written, insightful, full of hope, story and a Spike who's not Buffy Summers 'whipped puppy. He's so much more interesting when he can 'stand' alone. No pining for the Slayer. Great!
A wounded but strong Cordelia that rocks, a Wes/ Lilah that I would have loved to watch even if I'm not a big Bad Wes Fan. -I like best the softer, but steely, more human Wesley- But I dig Lilah!

18  Spike_Bloody_Spike posted on Feb 7, 2004
...actually I never did like Cordi- except for the fact that she kept Angel Busy so Buffy could keep Spike busy... *BIG grin*
17  Spike_Bloody_Spike posted on Feb 7, 2004
...I ...I

...HATED IT!!!! Ya you can twist the characters a bit but you just sent them all into relapse!!!
...but I do have to say that it was very creative.And I think that- actually theres not much more to think for I am stupid and the stupid don't think-they do...
16  Pin posted on Feb 4, 2004
I love this story! What great dialog; you create a scene that we will never see, but would truly enjoy. Cordelia and Spike - snarky siblings under the skin, who have always been the truth speakers in their universe. I love the demon-free comments. Any follow-ups would be greatly appreciated.
15  BeingBoring posted on Jul 30, 2003
I really liked this- I like who Cordy is allowed to be in this fic. Thanks for writing!
14  Cala posted on Jul 25, 2003 |
Just love it!
Ben is Glory!!!!!!1 Great one.
and Spike deserves for bit of happiness, bsides there aren't many S/C fics.....
Your is wonderful.
13  Nikki posted on Jul 22, 2003
"Ben is Glory" brilliant! LMAO!

And "Home" was kind of a hard episode to take in but you did a great job on picking off where it left.
12  BuffyX posted on Jun 28, 2003 |
Wow. I admit, Cordy hasn't been one of my favorite characters, especially after the way they assasinated her character, but you made me remember why I loved her so much on BtVS-- straight-up, no bullshit, snazzy wit. Her voice just rang so clear in this.

I loved the Lilah/Cordy interaction. And how you brought out the nuances of the Wes/Lilah relationship, highlighting the messiness of it. And the comparison of it to Buffy/Angel had me rolling on the floor. In fact, each Buffy mention made me laugh my ass off.

This was extremely well-written, and I am definitely going to check out more of what you've done. I enjoyed it muchly!!
11  Becky posted on Jun 26, 2003
You know, you took my two favorite characters and told the story I wanted to see in season five. Cordy waking up and she and Spike becoming friends. The casual way that you showed her personal growth *back* to the woman she was on her way to becoming before they demonized her was wonderfully done. You have a light touch, but you know how to sneak in the angst.

I've just discovered your Lilah, and in every fic, you seem to dig deep and bring her out and show those facets that Stephanie Romanov sometimes lets us see in her performance. When you write Lilah, I can see the nuance, even if it's a small part like this.

Also BRAVO for taking care of the Buffy/Angel disaster in a way that highlights their flaws, and yet leaves them a *little* dignity. I laughed at the image of Buffy high-tailing it out of LA because she couldn't stand sell-out Angel either.

You rock my socks.
10  reckless posted on Jun 9, 2003
Loved it loved it loved!!! and ditto for the Ben is Glory comment - rotflmao! I loved the return of Old!Cordy and UnAngsty!Spike and most importantly no Buffy. And angsty Wes and Lilah - three thumbs up! Need a sequel!
9  Estepheia posted on Jun 7, 2003
I enjoyed this. There aren't many Spike/Cordy stories around but I always thought they might be entertaining to watch or rather listen to, in a totally non-shippy way.
8  Drujan posted on Jun 6, 2003
Fabulous! Lovely old-time-but-not-quite Cordy, very much in character. And I heart you for the way you disposed of Buffy.
7  samson posted on Jun 6, 2003
i enjoyed this, totally different from all of the other fics that are now popping up!
6  Cara posted on Jun 6, 2003
So I checked the site to read one fic before going to bed, and I'm so happy it was this one. LOVED IT! Oh, how I've missed Cordelia! The OLD Cordelia! The Cordelia you captured so perfectly in this fic. It was as if Cordelia missed the old her as much as I did, and I loved how she reclaimed who she once was. Your descriptions of everyone else were spot-on, too, and I also especially loved Cordy's interaction with Lilah and their "vicious bitch solidarity." Classic. Excellent job!
5  Glovechicken posted on Jun 5, 2003
Fantastic job--I don't regularly watch Angel, but I know about most of the stuff that went on in here, and the way you've made your story casual and angsty at the same time just impressed the hell out of me. I loved the characterization in here, and I totally agree with all the other reviewers, especially Miggins--Spike deserves to have friends, and to be casual and understood for once. I love the idea of a Spike/Cordelia friendship, and if this had been in an episode of Angel, I would have danced. :)
4  Miggins posted on Jun 5, 2003
It just seemed like Spike was so relaxed and happy in your story - doing things like flirting, working and going for lunch with workmates. So human and so content at last. That's what he deserves. Let's hope the next season of Angel continues along these lines!
3  Blondel posted on Jun 5, 2003
Oh Cordelia! How have I missed thee? Let me count the ways... *grin*
It's a crying shame that Cordy is being written out of AtS - I would have loved to see the kind of Spike/Cordelia friendship you write. Both of them sharpwitted and healthily distrustful of W&H's motives - they're just what Angel and his minions... sorry, companions, need to stay on the straight and narrow.
I loved the witty dialogue between Cordy and Lilah, and later, Cordy and Spike. There was even a small, mean part of my otherwise solidly Spuffy heart that rejoiced in Spike telling Buffy that she and her unwanted pity could hit the road. Is there any chance that you may continue this very interesting story?
2  Fallowdoe posted on Jun 5, 2003
Excellent job, you really made the comparison between their situations real and set up the future of the 'verse in a believable, fluid and interesting way. Thanks!
1  Tori Morris posted on Jun 5, 2003
"Ben is Glory." Hahahahah! One reference, made the entire fic for me. I bust out laughing. That's so very true. Hmm. :) Not a big Cordelia person, but this fic was utterly cute and charmed the pants off of me.

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