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13  xoChantelly posted on Jul 4, 2009
Wow... I think this just made me find my love in reading Spuffy again. This was so intense so... it was Angst, hurt/comfort, fluff and romance all rolled into one beautiful fic and it is now one of my favorites. I had been lacking in reading lately, just writing and banner making, but this makes me want to read again. You did really well with this fic, awesome.
12  megan posted on Apr 1, 2009
this story was amazing! one of the best ive read it was really beautiful!
11  Ana posted on Aug 26, 2005
Nice well written
10  Tasha posted on May 22, 2005
Nice, really nice. Hell it was great. I'm a complete Will/Oz supporter, though Will/Tara is a close second. I did soooo not like Kennedy (yukk) sorry bout that. Anyway The story was wonderful.
9  Mel posted on Jan 16, 2005
Very nicely done. I liked all the explainations for where the Scoobies were in their lives. I also found it believable that Buffy stayed behind to take care of the graves. Spike and Buffy were written well and the sex scenes were not just pointless smut. Good work.
8  Shadowlass posted on Dec 29, 2004
Just lovely. Slow and sweet and moving.
7  Christina posted on Feb 14, 2004
Loved it! Even got some ideas!! Thanks.
6  Jessica posted on Nov 29, 2003
Woo-hoo! What fun that was! I enjoyed it a lot!
5  Kat posted on Jul 11, 2003
Great story! whish there was more of it and in greater detail, more talk along with the great descriptions.
4  Angel posted on Jul 4, 2003
Whoa! Loved it. Wish I was there.....
3  Sita posted on Jun 5, 2003
I really enjoyed your fic... it was sex and love, all wrapped in to one. It was wonderful. Beautiful. Sexy. I loved it.
2  L.A. Angel posted on Jun 3, 2003
Very good. I liked how it expressed a lot of what Buffy was thicking but it also expressed their conversation.
1  Marilyn posted on May 18, 2003
Your fic was much like we'd really like Spike and Buffy to be together! Very creative AU.....I really enjoyed it!

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