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11  Farah posted on Jul 8, 2006
I've always enjoyed a X/S friendship piece, wis thi9s scene was there on the show.
10  MikkTorrent posted on Aug 4, 2005
[dances around in a delerium of happiness] fantastic! you just made my day.
9  Ande posted on Dec 21, 2004 |
Erm, I was going to say basically everything that Jess Marie just said. I agree with her totally. The characters were well done, as always. Loved it. :)
8  Jess Marie posted on Mar 15, 2004
This was really touching. I appreciate the tentative way Xander reaches out to Spike, and the way Spike recognizes it, and responds in a gently encouraging way. Reminds of pre-sex Spuffy stuff. And it's also a perfect demonstration of why Spike is such an awesome character. I would have liked to see this tender side of Xander again. All in all, a beautiful moment. Both characters were very well-written.
7  Maryann posted on Jun 27, 2003
enjoyed the anter ween s/x something that should have happened on the show. written very well. maybe we can have more
6  kilroy posted on May 7, 2003
loved it. s/x having a friendly talk, but not too over the top.
5  Donna posted on May 5, 2003
this would have been perfect in the show, natural and funny, thoughtful, complete in line with the characters.
4  Kristen posted on May 4, 2003 |
Very nice. I would have really enjoyed a scene like that. Thank you.
3  Kate posted on May 4, 2003
Really, really lovely. A nice character moment and a much needed change of pace from the reality of the show. :)
2  Mona posted on May 4, 2003
Thanks for giving us a bright moment in all this darkness...
1  jen posted on May 4, 2003
Love it. Wishful thinking... sigh... but lovely nontheless. ;)

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