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19  Ryane Foxx posted on Dec 14, 2013
Beautiful piece. The raw nature of it had me feeling every moment to the fullest. Best Spike Giles I've ever read
18  Lani posted on May 14, 2012
Aww, comfort is a beautiful thing. Raw grief, raw need, raw sex, raw everything. Nicely portrayed.
17  Isis posted on Apr 25, 2007
This was recced on the LJ comm giles_fics_recs. Post-Grave is, to me, the scenario that really makes G/S work for me. Angst and comfort sex, be still my heart! :D
16  Leanne posted on Jan 29, 2007
This story is absolutely amazing. I promise- you need not feel any shame, it's great!
15  Serenity J. posted on Nov 11, 2005
I LOVED IT...the sadness and lonliness of the characters...Giles' and Spike's need for comfort and for contact was beautiful...Thank you very much for this fanfic.
14  Devil Piglet posted on Jun 6, 2005 |
If I can bring a little ew into one person's lonely life, then my work here is done.
13  Tasha posted on Jun 6, 2005
ok... ew, liked it but......... ew.
12  Neena posted on Jan 22, 2004
Definitely hot stuff, and you did a terrific job bringing the two of them together believably. It's tricky to get these characters to break canon and get together, but when it works, it's really worth the effort.
11  Estepheia posted on Oct 14, 2003 |
I think I may have read this in your LJ before. Anyway, I really think you handled the challenge really well. Your depiction of grief is very convincing. :-)
10  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
Eeek! This was amazing. Their grief was palpable, it was everything, in every word. And Spike echoing Dru's words to him? Brilliant. And then Spike wanting to be held while Giles got him off? Even more brilliant. Beautiful.
9  jayneanne posted on Jul 24, 2003
Well written story.

Very poignant and touching.
8  calla posted on Jun 22, 2003
Whee! More please! Not too shabby for your first foray. Just angsty enough, and not a lot of schmoop. Just the way I like it.
7  Jane posted on May 23, 2003
It's all the fics so it's not you. Ignore me!
6  Jane Davitt posted on May 23, 2003 |
Lovely and lyrical and quite believable.

One thing; the odd punctuation marks distracted me a bit; formatting problems? Don't know if it's my end or not.
5  DittoSpikette posted on May 21, 2003
Excellent. Ditto xxoo
4  Zyrya posted on May 9, 2003
Beautifully written, especially for G/S slash, which does not usually appeal to me.
3  alyssa posted on May 8, 2003
wow. that was amazingly entertaining. hope you continue it.
2  Tre posted on May 7, 2003
I enjoyed this story. Would actually like to see it develop further--perhaps where Giles does not make apologies or hide what he and Spike have from the others. Thank you.
1  yhapster posted on May 4, 2003
Wow, I was so not expecting that... captivatingly written, really enjoyed this. The possibilites are endless...

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