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4  Kris posted on Oct 8, 2004
Nice hunt by Spike. Engrossing writing. Great ending. What can I say....I like a little conflict between my men. It makes it so much more tasty.
3  Sandy posted on Oct 12, 2003
One of the best Spander fics I've ever read. Loved the interaction in the massage room, the seduction in the pool and how Xander was able to resist in order to remain faithful to Anya. And really liked the ending. Looking forward to reading the sequel now.
2  DittoSpikette posted on Jun 30, 2003
Loved it. Ditto xxoo
1  Angie posted on Apr 21, 2003
That''s absolutely beautiful !!!
I love every part of it, I hope you will write more of stuff like that !!
And the idea of the Baths is really great !
Also the feelings and the thoughts of Xander and Spike really look like what they think in reality ( or so I think ;) ), I think you find the Key of them honey !

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