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5  remuslives posted on Mar 17, 2012
just read the whole series and it gave me such wonderful warm fuzzies. outstanding job!
4  Adelagia posted on Mar 27, 2007
I left the fandom some time ago (and looks like you may have too), but whenever I get nostalgic it's always your fiction that I come back to, every time. You've captured Spike and Buffy so perfectly, from thought to dialogue to action. Just lovely.
3  Naisica posted on Dec 10, 2003
God, your fics so cool! I like it all!

And this one... WOW! Thank you! You the best!
2  Spikella2002 posted on Apr 16, 2003
Great story. Is there going to be another sequel. I would like to see them win and in the end be truly happy. Now I''ll go on and read some of your other fic.

1  patricia posted on Apr 15, 2003
I had to tell you how much I enjoy all of your stories! this one is wonderful, thank you!

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