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4  pestilence posted on Jun 3, 2006
Yes! I'm getting really pissed off at all the soft, fluffy, *neutered* Spike fics I've been running across. Even with the chip, he actively worked trying to cause mayhem even if his plans didn't always work right; he would have killed the Scoobies if he could have. It wasn't until deep into the mutually self-destructive affair with Buffy that he stopped and that was mostly because he wanted to please her, perhaps a little because he wanted to belong somewhere by then. Pulling a predator's fangs doesn't mean its not still a predator! *pants, crazy-eyed* Sorry, it's just getting to be a sore point. I'm very pleased that you didn't have the knee-jerk "let's make Xander homophobic, even though there's no canon evidence to support that stance" portrayal, either. One taken aback reaction of "holy cow, so *that's* why the guy's been beating me up for years!" does not a phobic make. *wipes drool off chin* I'd really love to see this continued. Spike reminds me of an animal willing to gnaw its foot off to get out of a trap; Xander was supposed to be prey but isn't...*plus*, this fic is the perfect example of *why* Xander needed to tie Spike to the chair in the show...not being mean...Spike could have killed him; all it would have taken was Spike's willingess to endure however much pain it would have taken...Yep, I liked your fic a whole lot. Can you tell? :)
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 21, 2003
I love the way you wrote Spike in this. His desire to cause pain or fear and his obsession with the chip because that's taken all that away from him. And I *really* loved how he was able to satisfy his need by kissing Xander, causing fear that way. Your Spike has fangs and I love it.
2  snoopygirl posted on Apr 15, 2003
Oh yes, that was hot. Maybe you could explore why Xander would respond to Spike? Keep up the good work.
1  Jane Davitt posted on Apr 14, 2003 |
Excellent look into how the chip makes Spike feel and an intriguing ending. Will there be more? Hope so but I guess it works like this too.

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