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7  Kristy posted on Nov 22, 2004
You're such a wonderful writer. I love this.
6  Jess H. posted on Jan 20, 2004
"Spike used to make love to her, when he thought she didnít notice." Such a beautiful and powerful line. It caught my heart.
5  Andrea posted on Jul 6, 2003
Beautifully done. Almost like a poem, except more accessible than most poetry (I should mention that I don't ordinarily read poetry). Captures a lot of the important themes of the 6th and 7th seasons.

I think it works well by itself if you view it as a kind of poetic "word-photograph" -- not a "beginning-middle-end" kind of story, but simply an attempt to capture Buffy's frame of mind at one particular stage in her life (in other words, a sort of quick "photograph," but in words, of her emotional mood ... is this making any sense). But this could also work as the first part of a story ... if you were to do a sequel (or multiple sequels) you could show Buffy's mood slowly changing from piece to piece (hopefully toward something more positive!). Will you do any sequels to this piece? I would certainly read them if you wrote them! Any chance you could send me an email if you do that? I'm at ashettle @, thanks!
4  writteninstars posted on Apr 12, 2003
Is this complete, a ficlet? Or just the beginning of something amazing? Because either way, it's gorgeous.
3  Xionin posted on Apr 11, 2003
2  BuffyX posted on Apr 10, 2003 |

Love it. Loved your Spike/Dawn fic, and love this one just as much. Quiet, introspective, but so powerful. Sheer brilliance. Can't wait to see your next fic.
1  Fallowdoe posted on Apr 10, 2003
Love the way you intertwine these different voices-- sort of like an uneven internal monologue that keeps surprising itself with upsurges of honesty it finds dangerous as soon as they appear. Bloody brilliant! :)

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