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22  Lani posted on May 1, 2012
Somehow both hot and adorable. Sweet without being cloying; so much fun. Thanks!
21  Jenny posted on Sep 13, 2010
I think the panties in the gravy may be the funniest image I've evre had of these two!!!
20  Kat DeVries posted on Jan 8, 2010
I love, love, love this story. It's cute, sexy, funny and not too fluffy as to be out of character. Stories like this is why I keep reading fanfiction. Please keep up the amazing work.
19  The Lady Meow posted on Sep 1, 2009 |
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18  Slyn posted on Jun 24, 2009
That was so much fun! Thank you! Xander and Spike were adorable.
17  Avalon (spain) posted on Oct 26, 2006
Now that was funny, endearing and a lot of fun. Common, more pleeeeeeeeezzzzz???
16  KJ posted on Jul 31, 2006
Love everything. Love, love, love. And it's not fair that some people are this talented. This is your first fanfiction? Seriously? Not fair, not fair...
15  Buffy Wannabe posted on Mar 21, 2005
ISH! The ending already?! You so need to write more! I was reading and reading is gunna be good then I got to the end and it said The End...WTF!? That's not allowed! You must write more!
14  Spike's bitch posted on Mar 3, 2005
That was fun! I liked the little re-what's-it-called. "Previously on-". Also, I always love when Spike acts all evil, but no one cares. That's so fun!
13  Krissy the obsessed BTVS(namely SPIKE!) lover posted on Sep 29, 2004
I loved this story! Please write more! This story made me laugh so hard, the rest of my family came in and gave me funny looks because I was practically on the floor laughing from a story. Thanks so much for writing this! PLEASE write more soon!
12  Tami posted on Aug 19, 2004
Bravo!!! i bow in th face of your talant!!
:::running out to buy some "pop-rocks":::
11  GL posted on Jun 16, 2004 |
"I'm a happy Monkey"...I think thats what you said to put if I luaghed at least once on each chapter. Anyway..Great story! I just love the way Buffy brook up with Riley. I never really liked him..Anyway great story and plot!
10  Freak_Momma posted on Mar 24, 2004
I really enjoyed this story. It was very funny and had a good plot, also. I'm looking forward to reading your other writings. Thanks
9  Nyn posted on Feb 27, 2004
Great,great,just great!!:)))That was the funniest,most witty-written thing I've read in a long time and it was so sexy,as well!Wow!Now I just got to go read your other story right away...
8  Samantha posted on Oct 16, 2003
Excellant u've got very amusing buffyisms. I laughed so much and i gotta say loving the hot descriptions of spike! keep writing!
7  Reynna posted on Sep 4, 2003
Brilliant! You've got "Buffy Speak" down pat. Every character was right on. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. It was the perfect balance of comedy and sex. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope to read more from you.
6  Kat posted on Jul 11, 2003
Totally hilarious! Really enjoyed it! Gotta try those pop rocks!
5  alyssa posted on Jun 15, 2003
WOW that was the funniest fanfic ever, i love your disclaimers. im ever so happy you made riley look like the doof he is (did anyone ever like that guy?). and it was nice that you didnt go completely pornographic like so many other fanfics.
4  trish posted on May 19, 2003 |
omg, you're story has to be one of the funniest things i have ever read! it had me cracking up!! you've got a knack for comedy! i loved all of your disclaimers!!!! do you have any other stories on the "all about spike" site!!! i'd love to read them! i especially liked how you wrote anya! and the thing with the pop rocks was hilarious! my friend's bf actually wanted her to do that just last week!!!!
3  taylor posted on Apr 28, 2003 | all about spike
I can''t believe this is your first attempt! You completely captured the characters personalities. Totally pictured season 4 Spike. Especially LOVED all the group chaos. It really made me laugh. Can''t wait for more.
2  Roma posted on Apr 25, 2003
What can I say - I loved it! It reminds me of a ''skit'' by, I think, Shelly Berman. Yes, thats right, I am pretty old. He was talking about a writer of naughty books and the line was "beats me why that guy is seeking success - he could have so much fun just sitting at home thinking"! I''ve certainly had a lot of fun sitting at home readng. Many thanks. More, please.
1  Dawn posted on Apr 22, 2003
Really enjoyed your story, a fun read. Makes me wish that B/S had really gotten together in a nice way, you made them a cute couple.
Hope you have more coming our way!

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