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14  justme posted on Nov 10, 2012 |
Wow. A Spike/Buffy story without Willow being a psycho bitch. Wonderful! :D Well written also, and solid story. Lol about the cats and dogs!
13  Nicole posted on Mar 16, 2012
I had to drop a note and say I really enjoyed this fic! I thought everyone was in character and I especially thought your depiction of the whole Buffy/Angel this was fantastic.

Thank you for sharing :)
12  Shadowhawke posted on Dec 7, 2010
Really, really enjoyed this. What can I say? A pretty damn compelling read from start to finish. Hope there's a sequel or something like it, although I can understand if there isn't.

Thanks for sharing.
11  Hannah posted on Apr 17, 2008
I really enjoyed this story. I also enjoyed the one with the Giles & Spike letters. Great writing in both!

I'm totally down the Angel accepting B/S but still loving Buffy (while Buffy moves on from Angel), but I just hate the idea of Angel moving on from Buffy, especially with Cordelia. Uck. Oh well! My personal bias.
10  GreatDju posted on Oct 20, 2006
Wow! Really good story there! Nice style! You should keep writing!
9  Adam posted on Oct 9, 2006
I'm not usually into longer fics, but I really enjoyed yours. You've obviously put a lot of thought into your characterizations.
8  Kate posted on Mar 22, 2006
"She managed to convince Angel to sleep with her."
*Snerk* Is that what he told them?

I'm enjoying this so far, though I feel like Buffy is being portrayed as emotionally weaker than she is in canon.
7  ronia posted on Apr 24, 2003
Last one since I''ve finished it now. It was a great read! If only some of those events could''ve actually happened. : )
6  ronia posted on Apr 22, 2003 |
Me again. Chapter 2 was great! I love that Wesley is coming. I think there was some sort of a typo around "carried on affair that had." Missing a word? I had to read it a few times, and still missed the real meaning of the sentence. Chapter 3 ...
5  ronia posted on Apr 22, 2003 |
Very nice start. I think you write Xander well, without making his "goofy" lines *too* Goofy. I still have a hard time picturing Buffy being any amount of reasonable, but then, that''s not your fault, now is it? To chapter 2 I go ....
4  Marianne posted on Apr 21, 2003
Congratulations, I really enjoyed this - I started reading and couldn''t stop & read the whole thing in one session.
3  Annie posted on Apr 19, 2003
Great story!! Cool plot, nice adventure and of course lots of cute Spike action!
2  BlueFern posted on Apr 19, 2003 |
This was amazing! I loved it. You write every character perfectly. I couldn''t stop reading once I started. Really fantastic story.
1  Tori Morris posted on Apr 19, 2003 |
Awww! It''s so happy and bouncy and relatively dark free--and don''t I wish it were real. *deep sigh.* Thanks for writing it--I enjoyed it a ton.

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